This is our 100th post on SoCal Sessions.

In November we were getting ready to launch a lifestyle community site geared towards Southern California. It was bland and boring, and nothing about it made me feel good. I deleted all the previous declarations of our plan and committed to starting something more honest, more positive and more badass. Even if it failed I wanted to feel good about the stuff we were writing about or bringing attention too.

At that point I sat down with a beer (or three), notepad & marker at my desk, looked at the palm trees outside and wrote the Mission Statement below. It only took one take. It still feels like it holds true.

We’ve done some really cool stuff. We’ve gotten to fly in a biplane, drink great beer, learn how to blow glass¬†and shape a surfboard, bike up and down and around Southern California, photograph some sick beards and more recently profile some great artists and local business that are doing incredible things right here in SoCal. It has all been great and stressful and amazing.

Thank you all who’ve invited us into your workshops, offices, breweries, bike rides and airplanes. You’re amazing. And if no one minds, we are going to keep doing this kind of stuff. Thank you for helping us get this far. Thank you for lifting us up when we were wondering why we want to keep writing, blogging, photographing and exploring. You’ve all gone above and beyond to represent SoCal as a community. We should have a beer together, and tell stories.

100. Holy shit. We’re as surprised as you are.


mission statement,