New years mean new resolutions. We’ve been told that since we were born. A fresh start. Out with the old in with the new. New year equals a new you. It’s all bullshit. You know it and we know it. Things don’t magically change unless you put in the effort. Unless you put in the time. And possibly most importantly, you stick with it even when it gets hard.

In truth, every single day can be the beginning of a new year if you want it too. Take stock of what you value about your life, what goals you want to achieve and the kind of person you want to be. If you decide to go for the changes or are pretty happy with the status quo know that it is you making that decision, and be proud of yourself.

That said, we gonna take some stock. We’re gonna throw it out there. Our thoughts on 2016.

Craft Beer SelectionBeer: Drink whatever you want

Well fuck. 2015 was a wild year in the beer world. Big fish started eating up little fish. Everyone got their panties in a jumble, and we are all in a panic about our neighborhood brewpub going corporate.

In 2016 we’re going to chill out and just drink what we want. In general, we want to support local wherever we go. But sometimes at a rock show you just want a can of PBR. You shouldn’t feel bad about it. Last year some of our good friends were working at local breweries. Now they work at the same local brewery, but they have evil corporate overlords. Cough, cough…Golden Road, Saint Archer, Ballast Point…cough, cough. They are still our friends. Still making great beer. Still doing it locally. It sucks a little that some of our pennies will head up the chain, but it isn’t going to stop us from hoisting a pint or two with them either. We aren’t big fans of Target or Wal-Mart either but sometimes we need underwear.

Drink what you want. Whenever you want. We particularly like pints on Sunday Mornings.

Cleveland National ForestBike: Get Out There

Do you know what’s outside? Do you know what’s around that corner? Over that hill? It’s time to find out, and we’re going to do it on two wheels. Sure, sometimes the temperature dips below 60 degrees, but you’ll survive. Sure, its El Nino so you might get wet. That’s just part of the fun.

Last year we started Undie Bike Rides. We had two that were fucking awesome. This year we are hoping to have four. We’re starting in February (challenge), because fuck winter that’s why. Because the beer will warm us up after, and because it will probably end up being 65 degrees anyway. Then we’re going further than before. We’ll see you on the other side of that hill.

Then when you’re home watching 30 Rock on Netflix for the third time, call up Youtube and watch some bike maintenance videos. Learn to fix a flat, adjust your brakes or change out your rear tire. One less thing to keep you off the road.

Beard: Take It into the Wild

Our beards are part of our identity. No, they don’t itch. No, they don’t keep us too warm. No, you can’t pull on it. They are staying on our faces, and they want to get out in the world. Not just in the neighborhood but into the wild.

Our beards want to gaze up at ridiculously big trees, get exfoliated by salt water, breathe the campfire smoke in deep and hike until there are no other beards around. They want to get blown back by the wind we create on those epic bike rides we’re going to take.

Take your beard into the wild. Give it an adventure that will make all the other beards want to buy the next round just to listen to the bristly stories.

Cleveland National Forest

Badassery: Do It Better

Remember that fucking awesome person you were or aspired to be in 2015? Be that person only a little bit better. That person was nailing it. Just think how great 2016 will be if that person just stepped it up a little bit across the board.


When it’s all said and done don’t listen to us. Do your thing, your way. Do some good along the way. You can even make a resolution if you want. Ours is to procrastinate more on blog posts. The internet isn’t going anywhere, and that pothole laden southern California road just teamed up with some blue sky to tempt us outside on two wheels.

Nikki Engel Hawaii