Last weekend we spent the better part of Saturday evening at America’s Finest Film Fest. (links to all movies below!) The fest was planned, hosted & presented by the 1to1 Movement. 1to1 Movement is a pro-environment educational program & organized movement to just do better in the communities we love.

They are based out of downtown San Diego, and the AF Film Fest felt almost like a video love letter to the San Diego area. That’s not to say all the films screened were fun happy rainbows, but they all tried to inspire in some way. Each represented San Diego or San Diegans in a different way. In addition, there was a local Maker Mart (like a farmers market but with goods), some really great music from jam band Fish Out Of Water, and a beer stand selling Karl Strauss brews. Our only complaint-no one mentioned we couldn’t bring our beer into the screening leaving us to choose between slamming itĀ orĀ missing part of the showings.

(Oh, that and the people who spent the better part of the movies checking Facebook on their phones. It’s a dark movie theatre jackass.)

America's Finest Film Fest

We e-chatted with 1to1 Executive Director Jonathan Zaidman a bit about the fest and what one simple thing we can do to help make things better.

SoCal Sessions: How does the AFFF relate to the 1to1 Movement?

Jonathan: Our primary focus is to highlight the beauty & diversity of San Diego, as well as, interesting people doing interesting things in our community. Some of the shorts we screen are more visual than anything else, but still serve to tell a story as to the beauty of our region.

Ultimately, the goal is to inspire people to take care of San Diego via the passions they they already uphold. If you’re a surfer, keep the water clean. If you love food, appreciate the abundance of our local farms and markets. And so on.

SoCal Sessions: How were the films chosen for the festival, and will there be another festival next year?

America's Finest Film FestJonathan: We select the highest quality films made in San Diego, by San Diegans or about San Diego through a variety of selection criteria. First is production value. Then we begin to look at things like thematic diversity and overall fit. We will host our 4th annual America’s Finest Film Fest in 2016.

SoCal Sessions: If you could give a 1to1 Movement homework assignment to adults…What would it be?

Jonathan: Don’t use straws. They’re stupid and wasteful and unnecessary. Or find your way to change your community for the better. Every single one action counts.

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

Our favorite film of the Night was SLOMO. Anyone who’s spent time on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach, San Diego has seen SLOMO. This film is a great reminder not to judge a book by it’s cover & that inspiration can be found in unchecked corners of your community.

SLOMO from Josh Izenberg on Vimeo.

America’s Finest Film Fest provided the following links to all the films screened.
So check them out!

In order, here are the shorts from America’s Finest Film Fest ’15

  1. Brewbound Sessions – Matt Rogers
  2. Flawed American Male – Enjet Media
  3. Busy Every Day – Media Arts Center SD
  4. SLOMO – Josh Izenberg
  5. Pass the Bucket – Elliot Rausch
  6. LP – Holysmokes Productions
  7. The Bucket Board – Mac Premo
  8. Bird’s Surf Shed – SnowGlobe Studios
  9. The San Diego Highway Man – Foster Visuals
  10. Yoga Surfer – Efran Films
  11. Gnarly in Pink – Kristelle Laroche & Ben Mullinkosson
  12. Girl Next Door Honey – Kelsi Dean
  13. The Path Unseen – St. Archer
  14. The Craftsman Project (Brent Ferris) – Russell Brownley
  15. Mike James – 50SqFt Productions
  16. Andy Powers/Taylor Guitars – Saint West
  17. San Diego Growlers – Kyle Olson
  18. Through the Lens – Rob Machado
  19. Thrive – Oveth Martinez