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Observers pause at sunset to examine the vibrancies of pride and cries of injustice painted on the walls of Chicano Park just beyond Golden Hills in San Diego. Meanwhile, families gather around the Mural of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patron Saint of Mexico. Located in the heart of Barrio Logan, Chicano park is a space where street artists and taggers pay homage to Chicano history .

Artists fuse history with new school techniques painting iconic symbols of Mexican culture with influences from the SoCal hip-hop and tattoo scenes.  Sharp details, bold and vivid colors outlined with careful and purposeful strokes characterizes some of the smaller murals on the cement overpasses.

Just an eyeshot away in the neighborhood settled on the outskirts of the park, taggers adorn picket fences and bodegas with equally badass graffiti art like the one pictured left.  Cruising through the heart of Barrio Logan can be a visual wonderland putting onlookers in touch with the idiosyncratic warmth permeating the city.