Beard Buddy was formed in 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Founders/buddies Nathan and Gareth wanted to create hand crafted products specifically for beards by beards. Built on the appreciation of good design and a good sense of humor, Beard Buddy is the destination for your face farming needs.”


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A Beard Buddy Small Starter pack showed up in mailbox this week. 2oz of Beard Wash and .5oz of Beard Oil. As a bonus there was sweet sticker sheet too. Anyone who knows anything knows stickers are awesome so I was pumped about that. My beard is a gentle beast, but a beast none the less. Using Beard Buddy products once and trying to give an honest opinion on their effectiveness would be bullshit. So I won’t. Over the next two weeks I will be using Beard Buddy Beard Oil & Wash daily and giving a full product review at the end. For now if you want to pick up some Beard Buddy products you can use the promo code: socalsessions to get 20% off. In addition to beard grooming products there is some cool swag to show your support of the beard lifestyle even if you don’t have one. Including tees, patches, baby onesies, beard combs, beer coozies and more.

Here’s what I know so far:

  • Beard Buddy is an LA based company.
  • Products are mixed in small batches.
  • The design of the product packaging and labeling is great.
  • Products are sulfate-free and vegan.
  • Products are tested on Beards, not animals.

The beard oil comes in a glass jar with a twist cap eyedropper which is helpful for regulating the amount of beard oil you’re using every day. You only need a few drops usually. I like to double up to give my beard a bit of glossy sheen. When your beard is your best feature you need to make it POP. The carrier oils listed are grapeseed oil & fractionated coconut oil which combined with vitamin E & Beard Buddy’s top secret blend of essential oils make up the whole product.

This is the beard being tested on.
This is the beard being tested on.

The oil smell is subtle out of the bottle. I distinctly pick out the grapeseed first, but Wife gets the coconut before I even mention it as an ingredient. There is a light floral smell underneath that. The wash has a similar scent with a bit more of a soapy overtone which I’d imagine is because it is in fact soap. I won’t go into all the details of my shower routine but I generally soap up the beard first. Beard Buddy beard wash is in a plastic bottle with a heavy duty pop top. It foams up a bit as I’m sensually massaging it into my beard. Yes, I said sensually. And yes, I regret that. I run a comb through it make sure I get soap everywhere and get any tangles out. It rinses out clean, and when I step out of the shower my beard feels light and free of the previous day’s oil and debris.

I rub about three drops of oil into my beard. My beard is pretty thick and that doesn’t quite feel like enough. I add a couple drops to my hands and do it again. The oil covers well, but doesn’t feel overly greasy. Some beard oils will leave a residue that lasts all day. This one doesn’t. After my beard dries I run my fingers through it again, and it doesn’t leave any residue on them. That’s important. If oils are coming off on your fingers they are also coming off on your phone, your lover and anyone else who gets close. Also, “lover” is a weird word.

So far so good. Stay tuned for Part 2. More review details and an interview the guys behind Beard Buddy.

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