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After two full weeks using Beard Buddy Beard Oil & Beard Wash I’m ready to pass internet judgement. Can you feel the ground shaking a little? That’s the earth anticipating my proclamation. Or maybe that’s just me shaking from too much coffee. Go back and read PART 1 & PART 2 for more brand details & photos.

beard oil kitBeard Buddy Beard Oil is lightly scented and light in weight when it sits on your beard. After putting it on in the morning I would almost forget it was there. It does it’s job quietly without grandiose proclamation of it’s existence. Sometimes I would reach up to run my fingers through it trying to remember if I had even put it on, but sure enough my beard was soft. If I pushed my ‘stache up a light floral bouquet would waft into my nose. It has a minimalist sheen, the matte version of beard oil, which separates it in the marketplace from other beard oils that tend to draw more attention with a slick gloss finish. The key word you see repeated is “light.” That makes this a great everyday oil. It doesn’t draw attention. Good for the workday, and because it is so light weight it doesn’t get on your phone or the cheek of a boss trying to nuzzle up to you…That happens right?

If you have a big thick beard you’ll need more of this oil than a thicker oil to really spread around so you’d want to pick up the bigger bottle. It means upping your beard oil budget but c’mon, this is your beard we’re talking about. You can cheap out on things like health insurance or getting your car oil changed but not your beard maintenance. If you’re looking for more of a glossy finish and stronger scent Beard Buddy’s current offering isn’t right for you, but keep an eye out for future variations on the scent. Otherwise it does all the things a good beard oil should. And the eyedropper cap really helps regulate the amount of oil you’re using so you don’t waste.

beard-wash-showerThe Beard Wash will get your beard clean-exactly as advertised. It has a the same scent base as the oil so if you’re using them in combination you won’t be mixing scents. It gets real foamy if you’re massaging it in well so it feels like it is doing the job too. But it doesn’t contain a conditioning agent. So you’ll need to add conditioning into your beard cleaning regimen. That may not be true if you keep your beard short but it’s more Gandalf than Gosling you need that conditioner to avoid unnecessary course or bristly beard hair. At $24 for the large bottle it is a big investment ($14 for the small). I will keep using my regular 2-in-1 shampoo and condition until Beard Buddy comes out with a conditioner or 2-in-1 of their own. Nate, Co-Founder/Owner of Beard Buddy, hinted at new products on the horizon last week. Fingers crossed that conditioner is one of them.

After two weeks my beard has retained it’s softness but will a little bit more fro’d out late in the day. I think that is because of the change in shampoo’s has caused a little dryness. I’m a little biased but I kind of like the big beard look anyway. If I throw on a stocking cap I can imagine I’m Captain Ahab setting sail or Ernest Hemingway about go fish hunting.


If you’re looking for an everyday oil Beard Buddy Oil does the job well. It is local to SoCal (SUPPORT LOCAL!), based in DTLA area, and looks great on the shelf. The Beard Wash will get your beard clean but is pricey. It also looks good in the shower which will impress all your shower guests. In conclusion, grow a beard. Put some oil in it. Keep yourself looking and smelling fresh.

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