Schick is afraid of the Beard. They fear that the un-bearded will see the light. Will realize the beard’s glory. Which is why they are comparing growing a beard to wearing an animal on their face. That said, those furry beasts look pretty cute. Chicks dig cute and beards. It is a double win. Eat that Schick. New hastag! #EatThatSchick & grow a beard.

Beard Animals beard-animals-3-2014

According to Alexa, “90% of dudes are hot with a beard.” Well said.

Photo by Brock Elbanks
Photo by Brock Elbanks

• The fine art world is taking notice of beards with this photography exhibit in the fancy-ass Somerset House in London. Photographer Brock Elbank recognizes Beard Glory when he sees it. If you’re over the pond check it out.
Or just check out


• The BYU Beard policy story from last week as reported by the NY Times has taken a dark turn. Where we once saw hope in the form of the Shane Pittson led pro-beard protest last week, this week we hear stories of Beard-Shaming, humiliation shaving and a BYU Administration unwilling to see the inhumanity of it all. tells about the War on Beards. #BYUCanSuckItBeardsRule It’s a little long. We’ll work on it.

• We just put Rugged Gentleman Beard Oil up on This shit smells great, and is handcrafted in small batches. Comes in a reused airline booze bottle. They don’t packaging until the bottles are empty. Get it while you can. Quantities are limited.

Rugged Gentleman Beard Oil