Steve_Zissou The Urban Beardsman has a good top 10 movies list for Beardsman. We don’t agree with the order but a fairly worthy list indeed. What is an “Urban Beardsman” exactly? We’ll look into it. Find the Zissou here.

• MoFo’s wearing fake beards are bank robbers. Proof is here and here. Grow a beard. Don’t rob banks.

Johannes_Brahms_portrait• Do your whiskers regularly get wet when you’re drinking a beer? Everyone’s fav men’s product this Holiday season is the Whisker Dam. It sits on top of your pint glass preventing beer from splashing up on those glorious hair follicles. It’s so popular it is sold out till the new year. See the product and find out more here. I wonder if this guy would have used one?

Stay tuned for more new beard news after the holidays.