• It was kind of a slow week in beard news except for one thing. Beard Baubles. Beard Baubles are everywhere. Reputable news sites published galleries. They have their own Twitter, @beardbaubles for fuck’s sake. More than a half dozen people e-mailed us stories about them. People on the street told me us needed them, should get them, gotta get ’em. And we gotta say…They are the kitschy holiday bullshit idea of the year. We here at SoCal Sessions HQ are firmly against the idea in all of it’s forms. We are not even fans of putting other things in your beard just to make fun of Beard Baubles. Don’t stoop to their level.

Your beard is your face signature. It doesn’t need decoration to be presentable. Your Beard is it’s own glorious decoration. If your face was a Christmas Tree your beard would be the star. So before you start hooking mini decoration think about what your bearded forefathers would do. Do you think they’d be out chopping down a tree with some lights strung across their face lit by a damned battery pack? What would Lincoln do? I think you know the answer to that.



• In other Beard travesties this article on Yahoo! titled, “5 Ways to Make Your Beard Grow Faster” sucks. Whomever this “Male Standard” guy is authoring this shit should get punched in the face. Do you want to know how to grow a beard? Don’t shave. Just don’t do it. Ask Zach Galifinakis.

beard gif

• But…you should definitely check out this article by Alun Withey of the Good Men Project on Beard History. Beard Taxes, Bearded Ladies, Beard Insults and more. Well done GMP.

• Also check out Decembeard. It’s British, but that is okay. A good beard growing cause is a good beard growing cause.