Every week we will be giving you the latest news and Beard related miscellany we can pull off the internets with a brief recaps or opinions.

beard duel man• First, go to Beard Duel. Don’t ask why. Just do it. Pretty soon this is how we will choose our leaders. Hopefully, more coming soon.

• The NY Times tells us “Why C.E.O.s Are Growing Beards.” They get pretty serious talking about Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, and even up-risings in continental Europe. They forgot to mention that C.E.O.s are growing beards because they are stylistically fucking awesome.

Bristlr logoBristlr… Like Tindr or Grindr but for beards. A “Networking Service”, possibly dating site, was recently launched. It connects the bearded (no gender judgement) with those that want to stroke, connect or just look at their beards. “Got Beard? Want Beard?”

• BYU…What. The. Fuck. They ban all “chin hair.” And have since the 1970’s. This is news because one blessed young gent by the name of Shane Pittson is campaigning to change these archaic rules. The NY Times covers this in more detail here.

• And Finally, does your NFL team suck? Tell the players to grow beards. It’s science. West Coast Shaving dug into the numbers and Ray Boyd from CBS Philly analyzed it. WCS also created this infographic to showcase their findings.

West Coast Shaving Gridiron Infographic