1. Do you love riding a bike?
  2. Have a penchant for adventure?
  3. Care about the food you, we eat?
  4. Want to travel?
  5. Are about 5’8 – 6′ tall?*

Because if you are you might be interested in riding Rob Greenfield’s custom bamboo bicycle across America raising money for charity. The bike is super badass. We’ve seen it. And riding across the country is one helluva adventure. Getting the opportunity to do some good is a big bonus.

Rob Greenfield Environmental ActivistRob is a professional Environmental Activist, Adventurer and all around agitator. His goal is to make the world happier & healthier through his aptly named Happy, Healthy & Free organization. He has ridden across the U.S. twice spreading the word about food waste and educating people on how to live a healthier food life. He’s currently adventuring & learning in South America, and has left his bike behind hoping it will do some good until he returns.

The bike has traditional components and a bamboo frame. It was designed and built by Calfee Designs. They make high end stuff. Hell, Craig Calfee developed the carbon bike frame. You can learn more about his bamboo bikes here.

The offer to use the bike comes with a few caveats:

  1. It must be a cross country bike ride across the USA.
  2. The ride must support the mission of the Happy, Healthy, and Free organization which means helping others to grow their own food and get others on bicycles.
  3. You must raise a minimum of $3,000 to use for starting gardens, distributing free seeds, and helping get bicycles to others in need. The funds will go through the 501c3 nonprofit Happy, Healthy, and Free. Much of these funds will be given to you to use on the ride and some will cover the costs of bicycle maintenance and such.
  4. You must be willing to have a lot of fun and enjoy life to the fullest!

It’s a challenge. It’s an adventure. And here is your chance to do it. You can ride alone or with a team. You can chart your own path from coast to coast.

Map of the United States with bike route charted from San Diego to Atlantic City

Still interested? Here is how to apply:

“If this is something you’re crazy passionate about and absolutely want to do then submit an email application through my contact page. I’ll have some friends help me decide on who would best use the bike as a way to spread goodness around the country.”

For more information check out the information on Rob’s website: http://robgreenfield.org/hhfride

*The bike was built for someone roughly that tall.

Feature Image and requirement’s list used with permission from: http://robgreenfield.org/hhfride