This is the part where you think “What the hell?! I clicked on this to see bikers in their undies not that guy from North Park Bikes and a bunch of kids!” There will be some of that later. Our last Undie Bike Ride was all about getting bikes for kids learning about independence (Thanks Schwinn & North Park Bikes). Undie Bike Ride 5 was about helping those same kids learn more about themselves. The most important parts of riding your bike in your undies really involve doing good, feeling good and having fun. And do good you all did.

Donor's Choose Mrs Fleming's Special Needs Class

Donor's Choose Mrs Fleming's Special Needs ClassThe Bike Sexy: Undie Bike Ride 5: Full Moon Edition donated more than $500 to Mrs. Flemings special needs class at Helix Charter School in La Mesa helping to fully fund her project. We had some extra left over and that went to Ms. Mead’s wiggly 3rd-5th graders in Imperial Beach (also fully funded!). Click the links to learn more about each program and the goodness you were able to help provide. That donation was made possible by you guys showing up and our epic donors (Iron Pig Alehouse, SD Bike Coalition, SD Mountain Bike Association, Shannon Hoelzer,, Amber & Gabe Keetion) who committed to donate per rider (or per beer drunk).

On top of that you all donated several hundred more dollars worth of school supplies to kids in need in Clairmont & Pacific Beach. We gave your donation directly to CCSA who had a list of 294 local kids who needed some help to get all their supplies this year. These are some of the kids you helped and a big part of why we organize this ride. We want you to have fun and feel good about riding your bike not just from a body image standpoint but from a life is good perspective too.

Bike Sexy: Undie Bike Ride 5

Plus we had a helluva time. More than 60 riders showed up at Iron Pig Alehouse (and another dozen plus who showed up late and did the ride on their own!). We hit the beach just after sunset and the moon was coming up over the city of San Diego as we crossed over to the bayside. There were some rookie riders who survived. Some veterans who led the show (thanks volunteers), some howling at the moon & a lot of New Belgium Beer drunk. In a collaborative effort we made this ride a kick-off of sorts for New Belgium’s 2016 Tour De Fat Fest (Sept 24th at Golden Hill Park) that is all about doing good, riding bikes and drinking beer. The donations raised at that even will stay in the San Diego community supporting SDMBA & SD Bike Coalition (#GetFatSD).

So as always…

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We organize these rides in part because once you do one it’s hard not to get excited about another. People laugh at the idea of riding bikes in their undies, usually uncomfortably at first, but there is a lovely vulnerability taking the risk, shedding that outer layer and letting yourself get caught up in the sunset, the ride and the community that is built between strangers on bikes, strangers stripped down to their undies. From the time the ride begins to the time the ride ends there is a good chance you’ve made a new friend, met someone interesting and found yourself smiling for no reason at all except the joy of riding a bike with good people.

Ride Bikes. Do Good. Have Fun.



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