Brett, Lead Distiller for Ballast Point Distillery

Iron Pig Alehouse, Pacific Beach

We met Brett while enjoying the first Bell’s Brewery Hopslam to be tapped in Southern California. We bonded over a shared love of 1990’s baseball cards, beer and basically pure awesomeness. I’m not saying there were lightning bolts floating around him like in a comic book, but I’m not saying there weren’t either.

SoCal Sessions: How long have you had the beard?
Brett: No timetable. It’s just always there.

SoCal Sessions: What’s your greatest Beard growing achievement? 
Brett: My greatest achievement was probably waking up, shaving just this section off (the chin beard) and waking up my girlfriend. She went wide-eyed and clenched her fist to punch me thinking I was a stranger.

SoCal Sessions: How has the beard helped you with the ladies?
Brett: Ohhh, great! (At this point he smiled sincerely and looked toward his girlfriend). People always say they want a beard when they see it, but when I tell them to grow one they say they can’t. The kissing part, when the beard gets pushed a bit into your mouth, … that’s tough.


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