I am a bearded man. No. I am a Bearded Man. It is part of who I am. It is part of the personality I’ve become and a protective face blanket that offers me confidence and safety. If I were to shave it I’m not sure what type of person I’d be. I identify as a bearded man. As such, I take care of it in as minimally invasive way as possible.

California Beard Co Discount ButtonThe easiest way to do that is to brush it out when I shower and add some high quality beard oil into the mix. A good beard oil will help keep my beard and skin soft and smooth. It will help prevent tangles and create a barrier to the elements helping prevent dried out and broken hair follicles. Not to mention it can create a sheen that ranges from matte to glossy & give my face an enticing smell. A bad beard oil will cause clumping and frizz. It will devolve from an oil into a waxy build-up that isn’t appealing or comfortable on the face. As such, when testing out a new oil I don’t just use it once and make a decisions. I give it a full two week review (not including the week before when I abstain from oils as to not taint the impact the new oil is having on my beard).

Last week I was stoked to receive a bottle of California Beard Co. Oil in the mail. CBC is a new company out of Hollywood, founded by Wisconsin-transplant Chandler Sterling. The oil showed up with a handwritten note in simple packaging. There was the traditional amber glass bottle, a glass eyedropper for dispersement and a high-quality stickered label. The ingredients were right on the bottle: Organic Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil.

Ryan Woldt Beard Selfie

My beard was in desperate need of some attention. It’s getting close to full winter girth and length which requires a little more attention to avoid looking ratty, and a week without beard oils was definitely not helping. I cracked open the bottle and took a drew a deep sniff into the back of my nose and I imagine curling up into my brain. The peppermint and tea tree were a potent combination that left a tingle in my nostrils

After a rinse I squirt an eyedroppers worth of oil into my palm, rub my hands together and run them through my beard. It’s like a plant in the desert catching a drop of water. The whiskers seem to tentacle around my fingers grabbing onto fragments of oil. The spread of the oil through my beard is even and smooth with one eyedropper giving me fairly full coverage of a thick beard.

California Beard Co Beard Oil

The scent is strong to my nostrils and maybe a little stronger at first than I would normally hope. My beard scent style is subtle or full on pine forest if I’m feeling especially manly. However, over the course of the day and following days that initial strength dissipates fairly quickly, and what remains is a toned down version of that scent that ends up being a pleasant bonus for the noses that get close enough to snuggle.

“You’re beard looks better already.”
-My Wife

After the first day my has a bit of shine back to it. After week 1 it is notably softer than after a week of abstaining of any oils at all. The oil is working well but there has been a little bit of clumping in my beard which makes me wonder about the ratio of jojoba to almond oil. I’ll be continuing to use California Beard Oil for another week and monitoring the results.

You can buy California Beard Co. Beard Oil here. Make sure to use promo code: SOCALSESSIONS.