Beardselfie courtesy of Chandler Sterling upon request.

Check out Part 1: An Intro to California Beard Co. here & be sure to check back next week for our Final Review.

After one week of using California Beard Co.’s Beard Oil my beard has a matte finish. It’s softer than without using oil and more manageable. I am, however, having more tangles than normal. My beard seems to be curling more while using this oil.

I was definitely using too much oil at the start of this review. My beard looks and feels best when I only oil every other day (barring multiple showers). It seems like it nestles in against the follicles, coats them and has a long lasting effect. I checked in with Chandler Sterling, founder of California Beard Co., and learned more about the company, how it came to be and where to find the best beards in Hollywood.

The Interview:

When you buy a beard oil you aren’t just buying a combination of essential oils and carrier oils. You’re buying into the people behind the product. You’re buying into the skill of the craftsman or beard oil baker if you will. Their skills, their passions and preferences will come through in each bottle. I’m in week two of my California Beard Co. oils review, and it felt like a good time to learn more about CBC & it’s founder Chandler Sterling.

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Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness SoCal Sessions: First off, CBC is a relatively new company. What inspired it’s genesis, especially now in what has to be a crowded beardcare marketplace?

Chandler: For years I embraced the DIY ethos. It started in the kitchen in college when I first baked my own bread and brewed beer with my roommates. I moved into making my own grooming products, including deodorant and beard oil.

I found that the beard oil I created was outstanding and cured all my beard related issues regarding itchiness, beard dandruff, and straw-like whiskers. Entrepreneurship has always been an interest of mine so I thought I would share my beard oil with the world.

While it’s true that the bearded marketplace is crowded, I strive to set my company apart from the competition by embracing a commitment to organic and natural ingredients, no artificial anything, short ingredient lists, recyclable packaging, transparency, and being vegan and cruelty free.

SoCal Sessions: You’re making an effort to convey the transparency of your ingredients, even listing them on the bottle and online. Why wouldn’t someone check out the list and just go buy those ingredients? Is their a “craft” involved in the production of CBC oils?

chandler-sterling-california-beard-co-founderChandler: I don’t buy a manufactured product that goes in or on my body if the contents are not disclosed. Too many grooming products these days have chemical additives in them and I think people should know what is in the products they use.

Just this summer I was at the LA County Fair and stopped by a booth selling grooming products for men, including beard oil. Out of curiosity I looked at the ingredient list on the back and included were chemicals with names so long I couldn’t even pronounce them. I sure as hell don’t want to put that on my skin. I think more and more people are realizing what’s in our everyday products and share in that philosophy of wanting high-quality natural products.

I encourage everyone to learn about the products they use and try to make them for themselves. It is incredibly rewarding work. However, there are others who prefer a high-quality product and don’t necessarily want to devote the time and money to research, develop and test new recipes. Buying the materials to create our beard oil would cost you over $50. I did the research for you so you can save time and money.

What sets the California Beard Company apart is that we choose our essential oils not for their aroma but for their health benefits. Anyone could go buy ingredients and make beard oil that smells nice. However, in order to create a truly great blend one should know why they are using the oils they use and how much of each to create the perfect balance.

SoCal Sessions: You emphasize the “all-natural, organic”ness of your oils. Aren’t all beard oils organic? What would the difference be?

California Beard Co Beard OilChandler: No, not all beard oils are organic. In fact I would say most beard oils are not organic.

When I say organic I am referring to USDA Certified Organic. It’s the same certification given to certain foods you can buy at the supermarket. For a product to be USDA Certified Organic means the product was produced without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

SoCal Sessions: Top 2 historical beards & why?

Chandler: I have to say John Muir and Leonardo da Vinci.

Muir is a personal favorite of mine because he the embodiment of a true Californian bearded mountain man. He wandered the mountains of California by himself, surviving and exploring, growing an epic beard from Half Dome to the Giant Sequoias. I believe that he would embrace my beard oil due to its authenticity and simplicity.

Da Vinci is the reason we have the term “Renaissance Man” and I imagine he spent many hours stroking his beard in contemplation. He is an inspiration because his life shows that we can pursue our interests and be creators, thinkers, artists, writers, and more, all if we take the initiative to ask questions and strive for excellence.

SoCal Sessions: Best place to spot epic beards in Hollywood?

Chandler: Head down Sunset Blvd into Silver Lake, the neighborhood that Forbes rated the hippest place in America. You’re sure to find some epic beards and other rad dudes sporting various facial hair.

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SoCal Sessions: Anything else you’d like us to know about CBC?

California Beard Company is committed to high-quality and sustainable production practices.  We are also committed to education and transparency.

Consumers should know what is in the products they are putting on their body. We are committed to disclosing what is in the bottle, and, most importantly, why we chose each ingredient.

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