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Do you love riding a bike? Do you love beer? Do you even like, just a little, either of those things? Then were you at last Saturday’s Tour De Fat Fest?

Tour De Fat San Diego 2016 Group Ride of Bicycles and cyclists

If you answered yes, then you don’t need to read any further unless you want too. You already made some pretty damn good life choices. You were there rolling along into Golden Hill Park with a raucus crew of bike-riding weirdos. Did you see the couple with the tandem Worm? What about the Sumo’s? You did, didn’t you. You were there when the gates opened and the beer started flowing.

Tour De Fat San Diego 2016 tandem worm bike

You got yourself a refreshment right away probably. There was some good New Belgium Brewing beers. Each beer token equaled $5 split between San Diego Mountain Bike Association (SDMBA) & SD Bike Coalition. Two groups, politics aside, that support the shit out bikes and bikers. They Fight For Your Right To Bike. You probably bumped into some crazies wearing fish head costumes over there before hopping in line for one of the mini-tent vaudeville shows.

Tour De Fat San Diego 2016 vaudeville show

And OH, OH! Did you see the Waldos? Tell me you saw the Waldos. I bet you did right before seeking out one of the misting tents to watch Esme Patterson belt out “No River.” Maybe you stepped out the gates for a minute to test your luck in the roiling madness that was the crazy bike pen. I like the one with shoes for wheels myself.

Tour De Fat San Diego 2016
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When you said “Yes. I went to Tour De Fat” I knew you probably did a walk by of the lowriders. The costumed cruisers. The decked out long haul trucking beasts and the patina’d vintage two-wheelers with the wood boxes on the front. It was like a fantastic bike art show.

Tour De Fat San Diego 2016 low rider bicycle cruising

About halfway through by now and you probably got hungry so you snarfed a Cali-Burrito before sprinting back into the fest when you heard, “It’s time for a SLLLLlllllllllllooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww-RRRIIiiidddddddddeeee.” The Slow Ride contest was epic. That guy in the cowboy boots? No costume there. He just rocks Wranglers and cowboy boots. And the cute girl in the hat who won her heat? Pretty sure she was a top competitor last year too.

Tour De Fat San Diego 2016 Slow Ride Contest on Bikes

I bet you were hot as hell by then. The HEAT WAS HOT! Especially inside that polka dot ballerina suit, that Ron Burgundy wig, that Devo costume, Gladiator outfit, banana suit, sombrero and poncho or pink tuxedo with the cut-off slacks. It got hot so you ducked back into the shade or said screw it and went to play some life-size jenga.

Tour De Fat San Diego 2016 car donating winner Mia Bolton

Do you remember the girl?! The girl who gave up her car…FOR A YEAR? She got a bike out of it, a lot of beers from New Belgium and a cruise through a crowd of supporters. She was stoked. So stoked.

Tour De Fat San Diego 2016 clown on a slip n slide

Oh man, I hope you were able to get one of the special tapped beers if you wanted one. That Dry Hopped Sour Ale. Damn that was good. I hope you looked in the kaleidoscope, the periscope and into your heart. You probably found yourself staring at some bike frames or hop fields in there. I hope you spent some time people watching or just Hi-5’ing randoms and feeling the stoke that is Tour De Fat.

Tour De Fat San Diego 2016 Falling Blocks Game And then Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds to close it out! And the dancing. Man, I wish I could go back in time to Saturday morning and start all over again. Even knowing what I know now I wouldn’t change a damned thing. If you were there…you know.

Tour De Fat San Diego 2016Do you love riding a bike? Do you love beer? Do you even like, just a little, either of those things? Do you like parks and dancing and costumes and fun and community? Do you like riding bikes & doing good? Are you a bit of a quirky bird? A bit crooked or even whacked? Were you at last Saturday’s Tour De Fat Fest?


Damn. Hope to see you next year.

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