Would I work here? That’s only half the question you need to ask yourself when you’re deciding to join Outsite.

Part two is: Would I live here?

What is it?

Outsite is a Coliving/Coworking space nestled into coastal Encinitas just a stones throw from Beacons Beach, and with a killer view from the upstairs work area. The Encinitas location is just one of many that include Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz, Puerto Rico and other beautiful places to be. They encourage a membership purchase of $50/month which then enables you to stay at any location at a reduced rate. You can try Outsite and stay without a membership but the rates go up. There is a max stay duration of 30 days, and member applicants have to be approved as part of a curated user experience.

Photo Credit: @OutsiteCo

What is it like?

For living it seems a lot like staying in a shared AirBNB with a twist to separate them. The main floor features a living area, kitchen and dining with a few rooms with one to four beds off to the East of the entry. Upstairs is another wing of private and shared rooms on the East and a coworking space with shared seating, a patio and the aforementioned view to the West. Out front of the building is a hammock and grassy area where colive’ers are practicing yoga during our visit. Out back in a private yard is a hot tub and patio area, beach cruisers, boogie boards and surf boards to use.


What separates Outsite?

The big thing is they are offering a curated-stay experience where the other guests or colive’ers are on some spectrum of digital nomad, entrepreneur, freelancer or involved in the start-up community.

Shared experiences that make for an inspired traveling work experience in addition to a place to stay. The stay duration limit prevents one from making a full time home out of one location, but also puts an emphasis on making the most of the time you have. In theory, you could move from location to location spending 30 days at each and your cost of living would still be less than rents on a one-bedroom in most major cities.


The Encinitas location has a community host, Melissa, who organizes meet-ups, events and field trips for the Outsite community and the coworking community at large in some cases. This Tuesday, April 4th, is an Art, Surf & Nomads event featuring a talk from Dylan Bellingan about building his surf brand Viva La Vacay from the the road, as well as his photography. Photographer James David Phenicie and painter Catherine Druken will also be featured.

Event details here.


Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

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