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Mixte Communications is an Ocean Beach based company. Founder, Jamie Hampton, literally started it in a VW Van parked at the beach. It was a business based on the idea that her working life didn’t have to conflict with her personal ideals. Since then Mixte has found success working with companies who reflect their founders desire to do good things in the community. It has been so successful that they recently moved into office space down the street from Ocean Beach.

…a communications company based on doing business the right way with good people who want nice things for our communities. -gomixte.com

We spoke to Jamie about Mixte, and why community, adventures & bicycling are so important.

SoCal Sessions: Why did you choose Ocean Beach as the home for Mixte?
Jamie Hampton: We’re a community-based business, and I’ve lived in Ocean Beach for nearly a decade now. It’s my home.

Mixte CommunicationsSS: What is in Mixte’s future in the short-term? You’ve already expanded past the van, past being a single employee and are now in a hip creative space. What’s next?
JH: We want to have a little more fun–more fun at the office, more fun in our adventures, more fun telling our clients’ stories and more fun in our community.

SS: Your website goes into detail as to how & why you choose to work with the clients you do. Do you have a dream client locally or globally.
JH: San Diego is filled with so many smart companies, there’s no need to dream beyond our backyard. I really like what the folks at Ryan Bros. Coffee are doing. That’s why we serve their beans at our shop. Hey, Tom, if you’re reading this–it’s time to get started. Prana clothing is also on my list–I’m pretty much their bicycling poster child.

Mixte CommunicationsSS: You’ve challenged each of your team members to do something interesting with $300 and a day off, but if you had one day to go on an adventure as a team of Mixte’s with that same $300 what would you come up with?
JH: We capture all of our adventure ideas on our Adventure Board at our office, so I’d pick an idea off the list. After all, what good is a list if you’re not checking it off?

SS: How does this space affect your day-to-day work? Why style it as you have, and what were the goals from the beginning in regards to creating a home for Mixte Communications?
JH: Our space is a reflection of our belief in sharing and being healthy. We needed street-level access to the community, lots of outdoor space and recycled materials. Ali McGraw at Marvel Tactical Design and our friend Todd Bethe took our business  inspiration and built, designed and painted it into every detail of our space. It’s communal and open and creative and repurposed–just the right combo for our team.

SS:  The adventure blog has a piece detailing the inspired moment Mixte became a glimmer of something more. It details your love of bicycling and bike culture, and how that has affected the new Mixte space. But it doesn’t answer one question, “Why is bicycling important?”
JH: Bicycling is important because it levels the playing field–it’s inexpensive, better for the environment, good for the body, fun, and available to everyone. People are just happier when they ride bikes.

Mixte Communications

Like the original van, Mixte’s new office is a reflection of Jamie and her team. It feels like a place where seeds of creativity are not only planted, but sprout and bloom organically. Worn wooden desktops & shelving units, pops of color, floor murals, and little touches representing a love of bikes are the first things that you’ll notice. It is these details that we focused on for our photographic exploration of Mixte Communications. Sometimes the small things make a big impact. And if the need arises the beach is still only a short walk away.

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