In an attempt to learn to be more creative SoCal Sessions is going to be traveling around SoCal visiting the workspaces of creatives to see the environments the keep for themselves.

Our first stop was the desk of Brian Weltman, the Creative Director at Retail Habitats. Retail Habitats is a SoCal design firm that creates branded environments & planning for retail spaces. In super simple terms they create designs and spaces that are meant to invoke the feeling of a brand. They follow a four “D” plan to make that happen Discover, Design, Development & Delivery. Taking your concept from beginning to end.

Brian’s office space is proof that sometimes the best way to stay creative is to limit distraction and keep it simple.

brian-weltmanName: Brian Weltman

Where are you located?
San Diego, CA

What is it that you do?
Creative Director at a retail design firm

When do you realize you wanted to pursue that
as a profession?
I used to draw floor plans of my bedroom when I was 5 years old….so I guess then?

Describe a few steps you took to make this happen?
Went to Art school and got a degree in Interior Design

What do you consider your “style”.
Simple & Classic.  I like clean lines…

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere – Inspiration hits at unusual times and unexpected places for sure.  No real rhyme or reason to it but when you see me zoning out or drawing in the air with my finger…’s happening.

brian-weltman-desk-2What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?
Co-founding this company and doing our best to conduct business with integrity on a daily basis.  Haven’t gone out of business yet!

Who or What would your dream client/project be?
Fortunately I have the privilege to be currently working on a dream project (and for a dream client) Unfortunately, I’m not really at liberty to talk about it at this time. All I can say is that there is alcohol involved.

Besides yourself, who would you consider your creative inspirations?
I’m terrible with artists names (or even names of companies for that matter) but I get inspired whenever I see really great work, whether it’s in a magazine, something on Pinterest, or in person – It makes me think “wow, I gotta step it up!”

Where can our readers find out more about you?