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This final review is a few days later than planned. Not because I hadn’t formed an opinion but because when it came down to it I was just burnt out from sitting at the computer. Instead I took my beard out into the world. I hit the beach, paddleboarded over 1000s of jellyfish, broke bread and toasted to life with good friends, went to a party at the new Misfit Headquarters and read a book.

I only tell you that because in the end taking your beard out and experiencing the world is more important than worrying too much about what you’re putting in your beard. We review a lot of beard products, but there is something to be said for sticking with tried and true.

Dapperman Beard Balm is tried and true. Dapperman Beard Oil is a little more of a complex personal choice. More on that in a moment.

Elderly Bearded man

At Dapperman we like to keep things simple. Our Mission: DO GOOD. -Dappermanbrand.com

The Dapperman slogan is “Do Good.” They follow it up with paragraph on being a man & embracing the gentleman within on their website. It’s very nice. But I’m not sure that is enough to merit the slogan. You need to actually be doing something to earn that slogan. My hope is that Dapperman is doing good for their community and just not advertising it, but if you’re slogan is “Do Good” you kinda need to back that up somehow. Let us know Dapperman what are you doing? Don’t just tell me. Show me.

Dapperman Beard Brand LogoAt this point we have so many options we want to believe in the brands we stand behind. If you’re the kind of person who cares enough to treat his beard well you probably give a shit about the world around you too. My challenge to Dapperman: Use your platform, your product to initiate a good change in the world around you. If you’re already doing so privately or personally I salute you. If you’re doing it through the business tell us. Let us celebrate that and inspire others to do the same.


Bearded Man wearing a red flannel shirtThis beard balm is a working man’s beard balm. I say that with respect. It smells good, light and subtle. Over several uses it consistently spread evenly through my beard, and maintained a consistent scent over the course of a full day. Even into the second day. The balm is light on your beard and not greasy or buttery. That’s important if you ever use a cell phone or want to make out with someone. And let’s be honest if you have a beard people are going to want to make out with you.

The slight woodsy yet sweet scent is a great substitute for a chemical based cologne. After use my beard was softer not just that day, but for several days. I used it after hard days camping in the desert or being windblown boarding across the bay. In all instances it just did its job, and did it well. Tried and true. I’ve considered just using the beard balm every few days instead of a daily beard oil. For now I’ll still be using it in collaboration, but the option is there.

Lightning Bolts of AwesomenessMy only complaint was that it came in a two-pack without the option of buying just a single larger size creating wasted packaging. It looks like that was addressed in part by now offering a singles and reducing the price. At $15 per 1/2 ounce it isn’t cheap, but fairly priced. Even if you don’t use other beard products you wouldn’t need to dip into this more than twice a week for most users so it will last. I’m giving the beard balm an epic 5 Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness.


dapperman-bearded-man-1The Good: Smells good right out of the gate. Light on the face. Leaves the beard feeling light & natural. Uses natural ingredients. Made my tangle of a beard softer and more manageable. Again, a workmanlike product that does its job day after day.

The Not-So-Good: The scent isn’t as consistent as the balm. It would have that great light woodsy sweetness in the morning but evolve into something else a little more sweet in the afternoon. Over three weeks that evolution continued every day, and would be even more dramatic on days I was more active & sweating. Some days it was mild but others it could get the lady close to me to wrinkle her nose. We addressed the naturalness of the product being a possible contributor to this, or just my personal chemical make-up. Either way, it was kind of a big deal.

Lightning Bolts of AwesomenessIt was less noticeable if I made sure to wash out the beard oil each morning, and start fresh. This is different from letting a base of oils build up in your beard over a few days. And is a hard denominator when determining how to “rate” it. Scent is a tough thing to quantify. What I like may not be what you like. What my Woman wants to smell when she nuzzles into my beard may be different from your significant other. Dapperman Beard Oil gets 4* Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness with an asterisk. Your personal interaction with the scent will go along way towards how you feel about it. As a beard oil it does everything you could want in terms of beard health.

Beard on.

  • Someone e-mailed to ask us if this beard oil was a good product on a “Black Man’s beard.” Answer: I don’t know. I’m a white guy, but I would like to know so we could share it with our readers. If anyone is interested doing a review from the perspective of a different race get in touch with us info@socalsessions.com. We’ll try and make that happen.