Words by Ryan Allan
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Bearding is hard work. If it were easy everyone would do it. I’ve been using Dapperman Beard Oil & Beard Balm for about 12 days. The first three were balm only. Then a week of oil. Then a balm day. Now oils again. We’ll recap the experience so far in a moment, but first let’s talk about Father’s.

I never saw my own Father with a beard growing up, but he had a Man’s Mustache if you ever saw one. It was part of his identity. It gave him a look, a mystique. I never saw him put anything on it, style or trim it but he must have at some point. It just looked right and natural on him. Once in my early teens he shaved it off. I walked right past him on the sidewalk. Didn’t even know it was him. It was just wrong. The mustache was authentic to him.

For all our discussion of beards, oils, balms etc the goal remains the same. To maintain a look that makes us look & feel confident, natural on our face and doesn’t cause us any harm in the long run. I don’t spend an hour on my beard everyday. The whole process of oiling, snipping some strays or trimming a mustache takes less than a minute. If it took longer I wouldn’t do it. That’s time I could spend chopping lumber or watching the ’85 Bears documentary on Netflix.

Steve Cochrum founder of Dapperman Brand Beard Products
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Dapperman is SoCal Local out of Temecula. A family business, and according to their website it was started by Steve Cochrum in ’07. I’ll be honest with you. This guy looks dapper as fuck. He looks like he’d be just as comfortable opening the door for a lovely lady in sundress, as he would be scrapping in a rough and tumble Tijuana back alleyway. He looks like the kind of guy who emanates self-confidence & smiles with his eyes. You don’t need a contract with him because his word is his bond. When the site tells me he was inspired to start making his own natural ingredient based products after discovering an old 1930s recipe I believe it. I also believe he would have made his own products whether Dapperman as a brand existed or not.

We won’t use unnecessary additives and ingredients that you don’t want or need. • dappermanbrand.com

Beard Balm Week 1 Recap:

Dapperman Brand Beard BalmI still can’t place the smell. Piney & citrusy, but something else too. Three days of use in the beginning gave us a good beard base. After a week of oiling we took our beard into the desert. We hiked, drank, we used a hatchet. Not necessarily in that order. We inhaled the smoke of campfire deep into our beard. The wind gusts ranged from 35-70 mph leaving us with grit in our face, and a dried-out beard. We used the balm the morning after, and by that evening we were back to normal.

It’s good balm. Working man’s balm. Smells good & stays consistent. It also isn’t as buttery as some other balms. It sits in the beard lightly, almost like a light oil but more effective. The day after I use the balm I can tell the positive difference in my beards softness and flow. The outsider scent reviews have been positive as well, whether an hour or 12 after applying. I’ll be using again at least one time before this review is over.

Beard Oil Week 1 Recap:

Dapperman Brand Beard OilThe oil continues to be light in our beard, and give a nice even application, especially when wet. It leaves minimal oily residue which is great. The scent is stronger when applied with a spicier overall aroma than the balm. More a combination of spice and wood (pine?) than citrus. Unlike the balm, the scent doesn’t remain as consistent throughout the day rather evolving as the underlying scents work their way out or the stronger ones wear away. It seems to be somewhat dependent on how active I am during the day.

The oil seems to respond best to a freshly shampooed beard, as opposed to one with some build up of oil. I’ve generally gone a day or several without shampooing my beard both to let the oils do their job and to avoid dry out. The last thing I want is my beard spears to dry out causing brittleness or danger for those getting real, real close to my face.

I’m not sure why this particular beard oil has been working better after a fresh scrub. Part of me wonders if the natural ingredients are a component of that. In the same way a natural food would ripen faster than a food pumped full of preservative, does this beard oil go through its life cycle faster? Don’t know. I’m not a scientist. I’m just a guy with a beard. To adapt I’ve started shampooing before applying each day. Seems to work better, but the scent still evolves somewhat each day.

I reached out to Dapperman to ask about the natural ingredients.

Lightning Bolt of Awesomeness

Dapperman Brand Beard Products Family, father, son, daughter
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SoCal Sessions: In Dapperman’s opinion how does making a beard oil or balm from “naturally derived products” affect the end product, and the experience of using the product?

Jordan (Dapperman): We don’t use chemicals on our head/face and we don’t expect our customers to use it either. It’s a lot easier to source and produce synthetic, chemical based products. But we genuinely care about our customers and we don’t just want to cut corners and use those types of ingredients. Natural living has been a tradition in our family for years, we sleep better at night knowing that Dapperman is passing on our products and traditions to our customers.

Lightning Bolt of Awesomeness

I believe “Jordan” is the original Dapperman’s Son. Nice beard in the photo. At this point I don’t need another week to be sold on the balm. It’s good. But the Beard Oil market is saturated at this point. I’m going to keep using this time to focus on the oil, and come back next week with a final review, and some thoughts on the Dapperman motto of “Look Good>Feel Good>Do Good.

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