Dapperman Mint Tea Tree Shampoo Brick Review

Dapperman Brand, purveyor of men’s beard & hair-care products are back with bar soaps for your beard and body. And they are vegan. When they first showed up in the mailbox I admired their classic design stylings and tried to overlook some type errors. I flipped the box of Mint Tea Tree Shampoo Bar it said, “Made with Organic & Vegan ingredients GMO, Gluten & Paraben Free”. That’s a lot of buzz words.

Dapperman Brand Mint Tea Tree Shampoo Bar Packaging

Two Things. First Thing…What the eff is a vegan soap? If what I remember from Fight Club soap is made from mixing lye with the fat sucked out of people at plastic surgeons offices, but I have to believe this is something different. So I looked it up.

Vegan soap (or vegetable soap) is a variety of soap that is made from fats or oils of vegetable origin, rather than the more common process of making soap from saponified tallow or other animal fats. These soaps may be preferred by vegans and vegetarians. -Wikipedia (the Emperor of All Things Trivial)*

Okay, vegetable soap. Got it. I like vegetables. They are good for me, so I’ve been told, but does it work without all the chemicals I assume are in soaps to begin with? Looking at the list of ingredients there isn’t anything that jumps out as something I need to be worried about, but I’m not a scientist either.

Dapperman Brand Mint Tea Tree Shampoo BarOpening the box a rectangular chunk of soap thunks out into my hand. It looks brown, no green-ish, no tan! It has some weight to it, and a waxy, almost creamy feel to it. I rubs off in my fingers a little even dry. I shove it into my nose and breathe in deep. The mint & tea tree smell is like WHOOOOOO! My nose tingles a bit kind of like my mouth might if I ate some chocolate covered coffee beans. It’s a really refreshing scent that I associate with fresh or clean before even using it.

I head for the shower. Here is where things get sexy. Think lots of beard hair, steamy mirrors and some Prince blasting out of the stereo box. But first, the Second Thing. Shampoo in a bar? I’ve never used shampoo in a bar before. I honestly didn’t realize that was possible. It makes sense. Soap in a bar. Shampoo specific soap in a bar so I’m not going to question it much.

Dapperman Brand Mint Tea Tree Shampoo Bar PackagingOnce I’m thoroughly wet I grab the bar from the soap dish, and proceed to brush it on my beard in the manner of a cautious shoe shine boy in the 1930’s. It latches onto my beard in a lather immediately and foams up as much or more than any shampoo I’ve ever used. I overdo it while bushing it on, and end up with enough lather to cover almost my entire self. You can definitely use this sparingly to get the results you want. One, maybe two passes on the beard, and you’ll be good to go.

The mint tea tree causes a visceral reaction in my nose and eyes and face. It’s an awesome morning pick me up. I can’t say my excitement for a morning shower has ever been high but that scent really did put me in an awake-place ready for whatever was next. First impression was GOOD.

But what about long term use? A bearded man’s concern about soaps is always that it might dry out the hair causing breakage, that crackly unhealthy look and pity from our beard peers and enemies. Which is why we put this soap to a true SoCal Sessions test.

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-10-18-28-amNormally, I do a two week beard product review. In this case I’ve been using the Mint Tea Tree soap on our beard for over a month before writing this review. This is what I’ve determined:

  • Beard stays soft. If anything it prevents my beard from drying out.
  • I’m using less beard oil than before.
  • There is a lush, thickness to my beard.
  • The scent has stayed consistent throughout.

Conclusion: Dapperman Brand’s new Mint Tea Tree bar shampoo is the balls. And that is a good thing. It worked great, smelled great and kept our beard feeling clean and healthy. And it did it without me having to use any ingredient I wasn’t familiar with or comfortable putting on my face. The price at $10/bar seems a bit high at first but when factoring how long it is lasting, and how little is needed to get a good lather going that concern dissipates

Mint Tea Tree bar gets SIX LIGHTNING BOLTS OF AWESOMENESS from me. That’s a big deal. Like big.

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

Dapperman is based out of Temecula, CA & is currently selling three different bars of soap at $10/bar. According to their blog you can also use it as a shave cream, and I’d imagine it works damn fine on the hair on your head too. I wouldn’t know.

Dapperman Brand Vegan Soaps for Beard and Body

*Did you know that kids are allowed to use Wikipedia as a resource in school papers now? What the hell? Also, San Diego-area TV news reporters reference it constantly. What in the world is going on. Does anyone have to do real research anymore? What about bibliographies? Are those still required? Tell me they still need bibliographies!