Dapperman Beard Oil & Balm Review. Part 1/3

The package showed up last week. It was unexpected. Non-descript but with a bit of heft. I tore it open like a kid at Christmas, and all kinds of grooming goodies tumbled out. Dapperman Brand. There was a pomade & some Righteous Hold Matte Clay, but I’m bald as bald can be so those will go to a brother we refer to as “The Golden Child” or “The Pretty One.” What remained was for me, Egyptian Black Beard Oil and a Beard & Mustache Balm.

dapperman-beardAbout a week before receiving this bundle of “Handmade in California” beard product I trimmed about 5 inches off my beard. It meant to be about half that but the clippers has a mind of it’s own sometimes. While I don’t condone excessive beard trimming it was a beard review blessing in disguise. I’ll be using these products in a thick yet well-kempt beard that had been thoroughly washed of any other product. As always I refrained from using other products for 7 days prior to avoid cross contamination in our whiskers. Onward.

Branding/Packaging/1st Impressions on Quality

This stuff looks sharp. Black & gold with a pop of white color on the logo. Very classy and shit. The beard oil jar is black, not see through like every other beard oil I’ve seen on the market, and it has an eyedropper top which is always appreciated. The logo looks good, if not a little hipster generic. It’s okay that I say “hipster.” I’m one of them I’m told.


Either way the packaging is solid, and looks professional. Like something you’d buy in a one of the new Old School style barbershops that are popping up in every neighborhood. The Beard Oil is $25 for an ounce so just a bit on the middle high side of the market, but the label claims that “Only 4 plant-based naturally derived ingredients” are used. That’s important because the most expensive part of any beard oil are it’s base natural oils. Often, an oil will be filled with cheap fillers as scents. If this oil doesn’t do that it is a big added value to me.

The Beard & Mustache Balm is $20 for a two-pack of 1/2 ounce packages. Not sure why so small. You don’t have the option of buying just one at their online shop. Seems like a waste of cost and packaging that isn’t friendly to Dapperman or the environment. Regardless, it all looks good, and the labels confirm Dapperman is a SoCal company based out of Temecula. Buying Local is good. Buying quality Local is better.

First impression is that this looks like a quality product that might be looking for a “cool” audience. I’m assuming it works on a man already looking dapper, but will it take on a more difficult challenge. A beard born of adventure? A beard equally at home in the wild as the boardroom or lobby bar? A rugged Man’s beard? Let’s find out.


First Use: Beard Balm

The balm comes in a screw top when removed reveals a semi-hard soft clay. I scoop a chunk up with my fingernail, and massage it between my fingers. Spreading it into a damp beard it spreads easily, almost melting into my face. After a moment of self-massage I run a comb through my beard. No chunks of balm come out. Impressive.

Almost immediately my beard feels better. Maybe it’s my imagination. Either way it feels good to be treating my beard right again. The balm has a faint smell to it. It is sweet but hard for me to identify. Spearmint & cinnamon with a hint of pine maybe. It isn’t overwhelming in anyway, but it lasts all day. That night my Lady is half a sleep when she says, “Your beard smells good today.” It had been 14 hours since I put the balm on.

For three days I use the Beard Balm. I wouldn’t normally use it that often. After a trim & a week free of beard oils it needs some work to get back into fighting shape. By the third day my beard is soft enough that it looks so soft a man in a cafe asks if he can touch it. Then asks what beard products I use.

First Use: Beard Oil

dapperman-beard-oilThe beard oil looks like canola oil, translucent and tinted yellow. It’s base is jojoba, argan, hemp seed & it’s namesake Egyptian black seed oil plus the ever elusive “proprietary blend” of essential oils. After three days of balm-ing myself I’m stoked to try it.

It has a woodsier scent than the balm. More woods, less mint but still a light sweetness. It doesn’t over or underwhelm. I feel kind of like Lil’ Red Riding Hood when she gets to the last porridge. It’s just right. The oil spreads evenly without leaving a thick residue on my fingers. In fact, even a few moments later my beard doesn’t feel oily. Just soft, slightly damp even. The oil has a soft sheen that makes my beard look soft with only a slight glisten. Call it a semi-gloss beard oil. The feel & look lasts throughout the full first day.

Check back next week for part two of our intensive beard product review for an update of Dapperman’s Egyptian Black Beard Oil & Beard Balm. Plus, we will dig into their SoCal roots, talk about natural ingredients, doing good and even Father/Son relationships.

Beard on.