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BUT WE ARE NOT DOLLAR BEARD CLUB. This was a review we posted more than a year ago. It was accurate and true. We stand by it. However, over the past year we’ve been contacted by a lot, seriously a lot, of customers looking for service or customer support. We know Google sent you here but we cannot help you. We are not in anyway affiliated with Dollar Beard Club. We don’t even personally know anyone there. So..Please keep reading. We had no reason to lie since we don’t know or ever knew anyone there. We just reviewed the product. If you need to contact DBC go directly to their website: https://support.dollarbeardclub.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Welcome to PART 2 of the Dollar Beard Club Oil & Shampoo Review. For Part 1 click here. It was pretty good. If you missed it don’t tell anyone. They might make fun of you, and we’d hate for that too happen.

WEEK 1 RECAP: It took about a week using Dollar Beard Club Oil & Shampoo for our beard to really adjust. The first few days were okay but we started to notice a real change over around day 4 or 5.

The first few days we had some concerns. After application our beard was really oily, and then would dry crunchy & heavy. We were shampooing every other day. Try not to shampoo every day unless you are exposed to major smells like cigarette or barbecue that will permeate your beard. Everyday shampooing can dry out your beard which becomes a problem as it gets bigger.

Turns out it just needed a few days to really establish a relationship with our beard. As a rule we aren’t big on Beard specific shampoo because what’s the difference? But by the third test run there was a noticeable softness after our showers, and our oil didn’t dry as thick or crunchy as the first days. Dollar Beard Club UnCut Co. Oil still dries faster than other brands we’ve used but because of it’s affordable price you can double up applications if you feel you need too without breaking the bank.

Some days we noticed a light film on the beard late in the day. We found that if we did a late afternoon toweling with a dry towel our beard would be prepped and ready for nighttime adventures without having to add that oil. And the scent was baller. Love the smell. It is constant and long lasting. That woodshop smell did make us feel manlier. We even got out the chop saw and cut up some boards…. Didn’t make anything, but the cutting up was pretty fun and manly.

Dollar Beard Club
Courtesy of www.dollarbeardclub.com

The DBC kit came with a comb, bristle brush, mustache wax & bead balm. We aren’t reviewing them in full but here is a quick once over on them.

Mustache Wax: No comment. We don’t wax our mustache. We passed it along to SoCal Session’s contributor Thornton Dale who happens to have a pretty epic Handlebar ‘Stache. He’s going to do a full review at a later date.

Comb: The comb looks cool. It’s made of wood. And, well, it’s just a big-ass comb to assist with detangling. It works best if you have a big-ass beard. It isn’t meant for use with close trims. Right now we’re rocking about four inches of growth from the chin, and that’s about as short as we’d recommend for best results with the comb.

Bristle Brush: This brush is fucking amazing. Buy this brush. It pulls the hair down detangling & promoting blood flow to the hair follicle. More blood flow equals healthier hair & sexier beard. Or that’s what a basic google search result yielded as information. Either way, who cares. It feels great, and to be honest, we may have run it over other hairy parts of our body too. Just for fun.

Beard Balm: It’s like butter for your beard. Or vaseline. Or anything with a butter like consistency. Spread a peanut-sized dab on your fingertips & massage into the roots of your beard pulling outward. It feels a little weird at first. Kind of like you’re buttering up your beard for dinner but it isn’t an everyday thing. It will add some weight to your beard & a base for the oil to latch onto. It also helps keep some of your wilder hairs in place.

Check back Friday for our final review of Dollar Beard Club

Beard Oil & Shampoo. Beard on.

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