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If you haven’t read them yet. Don’t tell anyone. We’d hate for people to know you missed some pretty legit beard oil reviews. Check out PART ONE & PART TWO here.

Two weeks go by fast when you’re focused on your beard. We swear we just looked in the mirror yesterday, and BOOM, two weeks. To be fair to us…we have handsome beards. Dollar Beard Club sent us a big ass bottle of Uncut Beard Oil and 4 oz of Beard Shampoo to review. We dug in deep loaded up our beard and got to it.

A quick week one recap. It took a few days for our beard to adapt to the Uncut oil. The first few days were a bit crunchy. Around day five things started softening up. It smells like a woodshop or Ron Swanson’s balls (compliment alert) and the bristle brush is the bee’s knee’s.

Week two and we were in the thick of it, literally. Let’s go with the shampoo first.

Dollar Beard Club Shampoo
Courtesy of Dollar Beard Club

Uncut Beard Shampoo: The shampoo has a similar but not the same smell as the beard oil. The smell doesn’t last long (or at least heavily) after a rinse so it won’t conflict with the beard oil scent. It is one of the better beard specific shampoos we’ve used. After three or four uses there was a noticeable softness & clean feeling to our beard. Most beard shampoos feel like repackaged dish soap, but this one actually seemed to respond to the hair on our chin. That’s all good.

What’s bad is that you definitely need to use a healthy amount to get good coverage in your beard. Even if you’re only shampooing your beard a few times a week the 4oz large bottle won’t last long. We used about half of the 4 oz bottle in two weeks time. It is also the most expensive add-on at $10 for 4oz or $17 for 8oz. We’re not sure that cash wouldn’t be better spent on a big bottle of non-beard specific shampoo from your local general store.

5 Lightning Bolts of Awesomness for Quality but only three LBA’s for value. Let’s average it out. Dollar Beard Club’s Beard Shampoo offering gets 4 Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness.

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness


Dollar Beard Club Beard OilUncut Beard Oil: As we’ve mentioned the beard oil smells great. It is manly & will make you 4-18% tougher just by wearing it.* It leaves a thick coat, and adds a heaviness to your beard. It has a oily residue that will build up over time if not properly attended too. That residue will transfer to your phone, fingers or skin of anyone who gets close to it if you use too much. We preferred to use it more sparingly due to that. In two weeks we only used about 1/2 ounce of our 2 ounce bottle. That leaves plenty left over for the rest of our body…or sharing with a friend. Whatever.

Once in your beard it will manifest as a soft, glossy beard covering. Your beard will have that soft classiness for the better part of a day. It does dry out faster than a pricier beard oil that may have more jojoba or argon oils in it (but are also more expensive). When it does start to dry out it will get a little crunchier, leading to additional tangles if left uncombed. It will also start to ‘fro out a bit giving your beard some girth. No judgement on that. You may be looking for added girth…in your beard.

This is a solid beard oil. At $1 for a 1/2-ounce, $4 for a two-ounce & $8 for the four-ounce bottle the value is pretty insane. Considering you can adjust your membership as you go if you can end up with the right amount of beard oil for you without spending a ton to give it a shot. Honestly, I’m not sure how they can make money. If you’re just starting to get into beard oils or have a bearded friend or lover who SHOULD start using beard oils this is a great way to explore without breaking the bank.

As a product it is somewhere between three & four Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness. But as a value, it is a fucking six! We’re going to give the Oil an official 4 Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness.

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

You can join Dollar Beard Club on an adjustable monthly plan. And if you do get the bristle brush. We can’t say that enough times. It will change your beard life.

*Numbers approximate and not based on science or fact.

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  • Great write up, nothing but quality as is the rest of your site.

  • Bob Harkins

    Beard Shampoo is not your daddy’s shampoo. Be ready for a very earthy smell. Fortunately it doesn’t last long so your oil can do the job. The shampoo itself is nice and does fine. My beard is still a bit short but i’m happy with the shampoo results so far. I like the oils a lot.