UPDATE: Look…We’re stoked you’re here reading this review…seriously. We love all our readers equally…not so fast Darryl. Not you. But everyone else…

BUT WE ARE NOT DOLLAR BEARD CLUB. This was a review we posted more than a year ago. It was accurate and true. We stand by it. However, over the past year we’ve been contacted by a lot, seriously a lot, of customers looking for service or customer support. We know Google sent you here but we cannot help you. We are not in anyway affiliated with Dollar Beard Club. We don’t even personally know anyone there. So..Please keep reading. We had no reason to lie since we don’t know or ever knew anyone there. We just reviewed the product. If you need to contact DBC go directly to their website: https://support.dollarbeardclub.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


“First Impressions”
Dollar Beard Club Review
Part 1/3

This video was posted on the internet. We saw it.

Okay Dollar Beard Club, you got our attention. We got in touch and a few USPS failures not withstanding a box of goodies showed up in the mail. Beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo, mustache wax, a comb and a brush. All packaged together in a branded box, and on a bed of wood shavings. It was like Beard Christmas.

It smells like what we can only imagine Ron Swanson’s chest hair smells like naturally

Dollar Beard Club is the manly alternative to Dollar Shave Club. You sign up for a subscription and receive beard oil every month. Subscriptions range from $1 for a 1/2 ounce to $8 for 4 ounces. By comparison a quick google search reveals competitor beard oils from $15-80 per ounce. So Dollar Beard Brand is significantly cheaper. In addition to the monthly beard oil delivery, you can add on one time purchases of other beard care products.

We will be reviewing Dollar Beard Club’s UnCut Beard Co. shampoo & beard oil over the next two weeks. It takes that long of continued use to really start to get a feel for the effects the product will have with prolonged use. As we do with our intensive reviews it has been a week of no other oil uses & regular washing to prepare for this review.

Dollar Beard Club Beard Oil Review

Brand Design/Packaging/Quality Feel

The package we receive is well designed and definitely on brand. All the product containers are solid and high quality. The box is filled with wood shavings which is a nice touch. The labels are simple, bold & even after a week in the shower or getting oil dripped on them hold up well. According to the packaging UNCUT BEARD CO is based out of Huntington Beach, right here in SoCal.

First Smell

We pop the top on the beard oil and breathe in deep. So deep. It smells like what we can only imagine Ron Swanson’s chest hair smells like naturally after a long day in the woodshop. That is a compliment. In addition to the carrier oils (jojoba, sweet almond & argan) the only listed ingredients are cedarwood atlas & fir needle. It has a deep, rich natural nostril-filling smell that may or may not cause a bit of an emotional connection. Dad is that you? Thumbs up on the beard oil smell. The shampoo has a similar smell but almost a nutty, gummy note that softens the forest smell and makes us want some peanut butter. We happen to be having a gathering of bearded men & bearded man lovers so we pass it around. The beard oil smell gets high marks.

Dollar Beard Club
Beard before first use

First Use: Shampoo

(Editor’s note: Even though we are using the “We” personage only one person is in the shower using the shampoo. Generally, that will be the case.)

It has been several days since we’ve used any oils or shampoo in our beard. Letting it get to a more natural state before starting this review. Our beard is craving some attention. We take a nickel sized dollop of Uncut Beard Co Shampoo into our fingers and massage it into what has become a sizeable & noticeably girthy beard. The shampoo is bright white. Just once I’d like to see some one get creative with the shampoo color. It foams up right away but that doesn’t last. A nickel-sized amount doesn’t seem to go far. We add another dollop and really work it in letting it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

Afterwards our beard feels clean but not overly soft from a first use. Not a worry for now. It will take a few uses for our beard to accommodate. Surprisingly, the smell of the shampoo, while strong for a soap, doesn’t sit heavily in the beard after rinse. That can be a concern if you’re also adding a beard oil smell, but not a problem here.

First Use: Beard Oil

Dollar Beard Club Beard Oil ReviewWe have the big boy bottle of beard oil. It is 2 ounces of Swanson-esque musk. We hit a user-experience snag right away. There is no eyedropper included. We knew somewhere there would have to be sacrifices to be able to sell this stuff as affordably as it is and this seems to be one of the places. With a smaller bottle it might not matter so much, but with the big one it is difficult to pour it into your hand accurately or consistently accurately. You can pick up eyedroppers on Amazon for about $2.

With a little more than planned we get full beard coverage. The scent lasts all day. Never as strong as that first whiff but noticeable woodshop if someone decides to get close. And they might, because woodshops smell delicious. It is ridiculous to call a beard oil “oily” but this is definitely that. It’s consistency didn’t fade that first day so we could feel it’s weight in our beard and see a residue on the screen of our phone. Lesson learned. Day Two will have some minor adjustments.

So far…we’re impressed. First day, Dollar Beard Club represents a solid beard oil that is insanely affordable. Check back next week for Part Two of our beard oil & shampoo review, some details on the accessories and a better idea of how this stuff will work over the long haul.

A sneak preview: If you’re joining DBC regardless, get the brush. The brush is fantastic.

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  • Anthony

    Shipping is HORRIBLE with this company, they’ve obviously payed for this review

    • Hey Anthony. No payment for the review. That would be nice though. If anyone wants to pay for a review…get in touch. We just reviewed the product. Fairly, we might add.

      If a company were going to pay for a review they would probably want one that doesn’t point out any issues with the product. Hopefully, DBC isn’t doing that elsewhere.

    • OldSpiceBeardGuy

      How’s it horrible? Delays? Wrong addresses? Just want an idea.

      But more importantly, how’s the product?!?

      • Anthony

        The product isnt bad. I purchased the brush and I like it. The balm and oils arent bad, it just took about two months to receive. I like honest amish beard balm the best so far

        • Brandon Marshall

          I would be money they do a monthly bulk shipping to all the customers. From what I have read I get the idea this is a side business for them. I am just gearing up for my 2nd shipment and the first did take about 30 days.

  • Cameron Smith

    Their website is truly awful. Maybe they should have stole more than their name. I also use DollarShaveClub (http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/cam) and their website is intuitive, easy to use and ALWAYS WORKS. DollarBeardClub on the other hand, their site is terrible and as everyone else is saying, the shipping sucks.

    I just received a double shipment this month. They shipped twice and charged twice.

  • Bryan Sandoval

    I have 2 complaints regarding dollarbeardclub.com: slow servers and horrible customer service.

    Though I love their products, their commercials made them significantly more popular than they were expecting. Most companies would fix this within a week, beefing up their servers and requesting additional bandwidth from their ISP, but apparently they simply don’t care. If you try to get on during lunch time, you will run into a frozen website almost every time. My mistake was that during the slow period when I initially signed up, I attempted to create an order in vain. Every time I created an order it simply would not show up. When I checked it later that night (Friday, Nov. 6) it suddenly showed 3 orders, over 150$ of beard product for a college student that just started growing his beard. I immediately attempted to solve this problem by removing the offending orders, and that’s when I ran into my second complaint, the customer service.

    Even though it seems ridiculous to allow a customer to place more than a single monthly order, they allow this for some reason. Worse yet, deleting orders requires human intervention. This intervention required the attention of dollar beard club’s customer support, who is apparently off on the weekends. By the time I received an answer, (Mon Nov 9, 6 pm) they had already shipped all 3 orders, causing my credit card to be overdrawn twice. Finally, they explained that they would be willing to refund me my money if I shipped them back given a shipping label they explained would be provided when I received all shipments. It has now been 2 weeks since my shipments arrived, and despite several emails sent, they seem to no longer care due to the lack of response. Worse yet, I can’t even cancel my account since that requires human intervention that I cannot seem to get.

    Final opinion: Avoid dollarbeardclub.com at all costs. I enjoy their sandalwood beard oil, that is the only good thing I can say about them.

    • Bryan, Super bummer to hear that. All of that. We are forwarding your message directly to our contact at DBC. Let us know if this gets resolved. You can e-mail us directly at info@socalsessions.com if you need too.

      • Bryan Sandoval

        Last night, after posting this, I requested cancellation again. Immediately after I got a response basically saying that they hired additional people to handle the extra customer service concerns. This morning I received the shipping label as promised and am going to be returning the excess for a refund as promised. I will accept that I joined at an inopportune time, and accept that hiring takes time, but I still feel that the lack of support is something that could have been prevented.

        • Glad to hear things are looking up in this regard. And on a lighter note congrats on the epic life decision to grow a beard. Welcome to the club.

  • sully51

    AVOID! Their product is OK, but if you have a problem or want to cancel, they DO NOT RESPOND. I submitted a cancellation request TWO MONTHS ago and have now been charged for two more months that I DO NOT WANT. You can’t just cancel, you request to cancel and they have to do something to finish it. RIDICULOUS.

    • Gabriel Deluna

      Muthafuckin I need to cancel of my order cause I don’t wanna buy continue of every months. Make me piss off cause almost my currency broke.

  • desi jatt

    avoid !!! their website is horrible .. you can’t cancel they keep charging you each and every month

    • Gabriel Deluna

      How to I can stop that?

      • You need to contact Dollar Beard Club. We have no affiliation with them. This was just a product review from last year.

  • Soody Numb

    I really like the product. I have been getting beard oil and shampoo from dollarbeardclub.com for the past year. That being said, I have too much product now. I dont go through 4oz of shampoo and 1/2 of oil, so I now hove a surplus. I went to the site to try and suspend my monthly delivery, but there was no option to do so. So I tried to cancel my subscription, with the intent on staring it up again in a few months, when I need more.
    Well, I changed my mind very quickly. The cancellation process is absolutely insane.
    I have to type in all my personal info to cancel, even though Im already logged in. Funny that I dont have to type in my info when I want to buy product. Taking my money is just a click away.
    After typing in my info, I have to manually deselect the items I want to cancel. Fine. Easy enough. When you deselect the last item, you get a “we’re sorry to see you go, someone will contact you shortly” message. Ok…
    The next screen brings you to a box with a message saying, “if you would like to cancel your subscription type “cancel my subscription” into the empty box, and a button will appear”. So i did that, the button did appear, but, when you click the final button, nothing happens.
    I tried it on my Ipad at first, nothing happened. Then I brought out the old laptop, hoping that it was a compatibility issue. But no, the button still did nothing.
    I am very unhappy with this process, and will be doing everything in my power to cancel this subscription and never deal with this company again.

  • The Ragin Pagan

    I’m looking to try the beard growth supplements. My question is simple: do they work?

  • Yosef Dahan

    Can you make a 1 time order on The Dollar Beard Club?

    • You’d have to contact DBC directly to ask. There program is supposed to be month to month so you should be able to, but as you can see below there have been customer service issues.