We rolled into the Belly Up to support our collaborators in the Night Rider film project, Dead Feather Moon & to  follow-up on our Belly Up review from several months ago. Make sure things were just as good as the last time we checked out a show. Spoiler alert they were.

The Belly Up in Solana Beach continues to impress. The service was great, sound fantastic & since we got there a little early we easily got a table with a great view. Tickets are affordable & during happy hour tall boys of PBR were $4.00. We love craft beer but tall PBR’s at a rock show just feel right.

And the musical line-up was great. Inspired & The Sleep opened and were a solid fun California band. Trouble in the Wind lit the powder keg with some rockabilly. Then Dead Feather Moon blew the fucking doors off. Check out the photo gallery with captions on the night.

Oh, and skip the truffle fries. Sweet potato is where it is at. Click any photo to get started. (If you’re getting this as a subscriber click the post & view in your browser. It works with mobile. This is a pain. We get it. Working on it.)