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Products Reviewed:

Ecoths Black Rock 3/4 Zip Shirt (Griffin Grey)
Ecoths Waylon Short Sleeve Button Down (Griffin Grey)
Ecoths Kenzo Short (Agave Green)

When our new Ecoths gear showed up for review I was stoked. They were pitched as a high quality, environmentally-friendly brand, and for each piece sold Ecoths will provide 3 meals for people in need in collaboration with WorldHunger.org.


Style & Feel

The fashion didn’t stray too far from tradition. There was a pair of casual khaki shirts, a modern Western-styled pearl-button down short sleeve with a microfiber glasses cleaner acting as an inner liner. A light grey long-sleeve quarter zip. The grey long sleeve had a slight ruffle on the seem along the back, and pale blue stitching. The shorts had a mini-pocket for a cell phone or jackknife on the right side. It was all fairly classic styling. Hard to go wrong.

The materials were soft and had the feel of a quality product. Ecoths (and sister brand Aventura) claim, “With the use of organically farmed cotton, we support avoiding the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering. We are able to track our organic cotton from the farm to our factories to ensure we are always working to reduce our footprint.” That said, if you hadn’t told me the clothing was organic I wouldn’t have known anything was different which I think is the goal of eco-friendly products. To be as good or better at the same price point as clothing that isn’t. These clothes definitely passed that test.

Ecoths Clothing and Gear ReviewFit

I’m 5’10” with broad shoulders and a stockier build. The shirts were a size Medium. They don’t seem to offer a size small so I’m pretty sure that makes my mediums smalls right? Either way they fit just about perfectly. The sleeves run a little longer than most mediums I’ve purchased, and overall the shirts had a flattering profile. Whoever designed these had a more athletic build in mind. I’m close enough. The Waylon Button down had a bit of stretch in the shoulders so even though it felt fitted it was not constricting. A big thumbs up for the fit.

When I wear clothing I expect it to be versatile. In the interest of minimizing my life and my impact on the environment a pair of pants has to function just as well on a hike, chopping wood like a badass or 40 mile bike ride as it does casually working in a coffee shop or on a date with my wife. A shirt needs to look good, but also be durable. Shorts need to be comfortable and also withstand the rigors of being outside. Whenever possible I buy higher quality gear so it will last longer. Longer lasting means less replacing which means less waste and less shopping.


Ecoths Clothing and Gear ReviewBeing environmentally friendly is important to us. So buying products from companies that make the effort to use natural products, reduce waste and make quality gear is important. With a name like “Ecoths” (a combination of Eco and Ethos” we’d assume it’s important to them too. We’re excited to try and take the organic cotton to the limit, but it was disappointing that each piece of clothing showed up in its own plastic bag, collectively packaged in a fourth bag. No matter how green-friendly the clothing processes are those bags are going to last forever. Most of the tags were recyclable but there was also a sticker on the gear touting features that wasn’t. It was unnecessary and that information could have been included on the other tags.

Function & 1st Impression

Ecoths Clothing and Gear ReviewFirst impression on all three of these products is pretty damn good. Feels good. Fits good. Looks good. None of these pieces are specifically “outdoor” gear items so the first thing I did with them was take them on a hike. Then an all day bike ride. Then a day traveling. Then another long hike, and lunch with the family. That wood chopping day is coming. Some piece of Ecoths clothing adorned my body every day for two weeks.

Check back for our in-depth review on the function of Ecoths gear, some more info about the brand behind the gear and our final Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness rating on Ecoths new line. To keep things from getting too confusing over the next couple weeks we’ll do one individual focused on each piece. First up, the Black Rock 3/4 Zip long sleeve on Friday.

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

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