A few months back I rode around Pacific Beach in my underwear…Don’t worry. It wasn’t just me. It was me and 60+ other weirdos, and it was all for the purposes of doing good, having fun & riding bikes. Afterwards, while hoisting some hydration-containing vessels a man named James came up to me. He expressed what a good time he had, and then put two 8oz mason jars filled with honey in front of me. “The host of this ride deserves free honey!” he said. Or at least something like that. It was some time ago and all those hydration-containing vessels had me a little off-kilter.

I didn’t think much of it until the next day when I was unloading all the gear from the night before and I came across the jars. The label said, “Encinitas Bee Co., Live Bee Removal, Local Honey.” I put them in the cupboard. Later that night I decided to add some to my scoop of chocolate ice cream. We have some beekeepers in the family so experimenting with organic honey isn’t unusual here. It was fine honey. At least with the ice cream. I decided to test it out on it’s own merits.

Encinitas Bee Co Honey Review

I took a spoonful and stuck it in my mouth. All of it. I let it wrap around my tongue and fill the crevices in my teeth. It was unfiltered honey so there were a few bits of honeycomb and grit in there. It was sweet & gooey. There was a hint of bitterness & bite that came through.

I had two jars. I thought that’d last me a few months. It didn’t. This is some of the best damn honey I’ve ever had. Over the next few weeks I ate honey every day. I put it in tea, cereal, ice cream, on toast. I ate it with peanut butter and mixed in hash with eggs and salsa. I fried tofu with it. It went with everything.

Encinitas Bee Co Honey ReviewI don’t know why some honey is better than others. It seems simple. Find a honeycomb. Harvest the honey. Put it in a jar. But when I ran out of honey from Encinitas Bee Co. I was forced to eat some store bought nonsense. It didn’t have a light bite at the end. There were no little gritty bits. It wasn’t the most exquisite amount of sweetness that I’ve had in my mouth. No. It was gross and I am probably ruined from store bought honey for life. Whatever James is doing at EBC he is doing it right.

Check out www.encinitasbee.com* to purchase honey or stop James on the street, and buy up as many jars as you can. If you don’t I’ll get them, and you’ll be stuck with some store bought clover honey that will likely give you diabetes** (Just kidding corporate honey makers! Don’t sue me for liable please. I’m sure its fine honey, but it definitely isn’t Encinitas Bee Co. Honey).

*They also sell bee’s wax skin cream.

**Diabetes is no joking matter, and you probably shouldn’t joke about it. We shouldn’t either but it’s too late now. We also don’t believe that you can contract diabetes from store bought products. It’s not contagious or a virus. We know that.

Editor’s note: I was not paid for or asked to write this review. But if anyone wants me to write a review for them and is willing to pay me in EBC honey…I’ll consider it.

  • James McDonald

    Thank you so much for the glowing review. Our bees are dying at a record
    rate. They are just the canary in the coal mine. What is killing them
    is killing all of nature, and us at the same time. It is the chemicals.
    There is no mystery behind the dying bee. Myself and my team have gotten
    all herbicides and peticides out of public property in Encinitas. I
    would love to teach you how to do the same in your city. At this point
    it is low hanging fruit. Round up has been proven to cause cancer in
    humans. And Neonics have been proven to kill bees. All you have to do
    is know how to go to city hall and demand not ask, to have this toxic
    chemicals removed from your environment. Teaching people how navigate
    the political system is a passion of mine. I happily give away the
    knowledge I have gained for free. EncinitasBee.com

    • You’re welcome James, but no need to thank me. You made the honey! Well the bees did and you are working on behalf of them. Keep up the good works.