I’m finally fully clothed. Ecoths shirts and shorts gear review.

Kenzo Shorts – Agave Green

ecoths-kenzo-shortCasual shorts that are comfortable, flexible and check off all of my shorts requirements. Namely, that they don’t have pleats and cover my butt. They are soft and comfortable, and fit accurate to size. They sit dead center on the waist, and hang to the mid-knee. Not baggy nor too short. They do the best thing that men’s clothing can do. They exist without drawing attention to themselves while also conveying a classy comfort. There is a little side pocket like you might find on a pair of carpenter pants that I scoffed at the first time I saw it as being an unnecessary design feature, but as I wore them more and more I found myself continually using that damn pocket for random things; car key, a pocket knife, a granola bar.

The color is a woodsy fatigue that matches with just about everything, and the materials a combination of 98% organic cotton and 2% Lycra. They are soft with just enough stretch that there is no pulling in the crotch when leaping a river or getting an extra scoop of ice cream…trust me that can be just as dangerous. However, the softness does come with a sacrifice in durability if these are acting as more than just casual shorts, and you’ll be actively hiking, biking or whatever in them. After a few days hiking they started to wear around the pockets and even formed a hole. I can’t be sure I hadn’t caught them on anything but nothing popped into my memory.

Ecoths Clothing and Gear Review

As a pair of casual shorts these are great, and have the added bonus of function if you’re going for an impromptu outdoor adventure. They won’t hold up like a pair of adventure specific shorts but that isn’t really their purpose either. For our needs they worked well, making me look look casual cool, and for the most part, keeping up when I decided to hit the trail.

Lightning Bolts of AwesomenessI’m giving the Kenzo Short 5 Lighting Bolts of Awesomeness. They look and feel good. They have a classic cut, and comfortable fit. The only concern would be durability and my ability to wear them over the long haul if I continued to rock them while hiking, camping etc.

Ecoths Waylon Short Sleeve Button Down – Griffin Grey (White/Red/Grey)

ecoths-waylon-shirtI was nervous about getting a medium because as a broad shouldered guy shirts are often tight around the chest and shoulders. It was a needless worry. The designers definitely are keeping a broader, more athletic build in mind with these clothes. The shoulders fit great and there was just a bit of stretch in the fabric for even more strenuous movements like lifting a tackle box or a beer when I needed too.

ecoths-waylon-shirtI assume this is named after Waylon Jennings, but I’m not sure it’s quite country enough or tough enough to merit that. I don’t know that he ever needed a sewn-in glasses cleaning clothe tho I do believe he was partial to pearl-esque buttons. Stylistically, it’s somewhere between cowboy, hipster and soccer-Dad with a breathable material. The sides from the armpit to the waist taper just enough to give you a streamlined look even if you’re not so streamlined. The pattern is classic enough that it will still work next year, the year after that and so on. One thing I really like about the Ecoths brand is that the designs have a timelessness to them. As someone who doesn’t buy clothing very often it’s nice to know my choices won’t come back to haunt me here.

Ecoths Clothing and Gear Review

Lightning Bolts of AwesomenessThe snap buttons are heavy duty but someone could still rip your shirt open. Hopefully, someone will. The Waylon gets 5 Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness too. I looked pretty damn hard but couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about it other than it wasn’t necessarily geared towards my own lifestyle.

Brands with Purpose

We mentioned it in a past post, but it is worth mentioning again. Ecoths has teamed up with foodbanks to donate three meals for every piece of clothing they sell as part of their “3 Campaign”. Since 2014 they’ve donated 200,000+ meals. Choosing to spend our (and you your) monies on quality products is a priority. When a company makes an effort to see more than just a profit margin and use their platform to do some good they get bumped up a lot higher in the hierarchy of our purchasing choices. Click here to learn more about Ecoths and their sister brand Aventura’s charitable efforts, their products and how they got started.

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

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