$49.95 (Currently on-sale! $29.95)

First Impression:

The fabric is soft and light. It is thin but feels strong yet breathable. The stitching appears to be well done, and the blue is a consistent nice color. I ordered a 34 waist with an 8″ inseam, and they fit accurately. Most brands seem to up their sizes a bit to make us all feel better about ourselves but Mountain Khakis didn’t do that here. I can respect that. They fit almost perfectly and the built-in belt is already clipped in place when I slide them on.

Mountain Khakis Belted Latitude Shorts ReviewThe belt feels cheap and plasticky like I could break it with a tough squeeze. The nylon is extremely light but doesn’t hold very well when lightly tugged on. I know how that sounds, but that doesn’t make it less true. The belt is not permanently affixed which makes me wonder why include it at all.

The shorts are made with DWR (Durable Water Resistant) nylon fabric for “lightning-fast quick-dry action.” I’m curious to find out how fast they really dry. Luckily, I immediately spill coffee all over the left leg so it doesn’t take long to find out. I soak the fabric in water (still on), and after about 12 minutes they are good to go.

The Story:

I wore these hard for two straight days. I bike, hiked, moto-cycled, cut vinyl, hauled wood, hung a tape measure on them, played with the dog, jumped in the ocean, did yoga and drank several beers. That last part isn’t relevant to the shorts other than they worked just fine during the beer drinking. Basically, the shorts were great in every possible scenario. You barely notice them which when it comes to clothing is a primary objective for me.

They fit and move with you, and the fabric doesn’t catch. The 8″ in-seam came just above my knee and the style is classic short. Not to baggy nor slim fit which despite being in vogue doesn’t always work for people with thicker legs like bike commuters. There is a snap pocket on the right butt cheek that is big enough for a wallet, and the front pockets are deep enough that you don’t feel like you’re going to lose anything. Despite all that running around the shorts didn’t retain any odor which considering the current heat wave is pretty impressive.

Mountain Khakis shorts beltThe only real negative is that belt. Completely useless. Several times I found that the clip had come undone and it wasn’t even…belting. Even the stitching on the custom overlong belt loops was fraying a bit after two days. Which is pretty dramatic change from the rest of the short. There is one regular loop near the front button but since it is the only one not specific to the belt you can’t use another belt. I assume it is for hooking carabiners with keys or bottle openers on it. The plastic clasp feels cheap, and I can’t figure out what the value add is. The shorts are moderately expensive, but without the belt they are still worth it. Even better they might have belt loops so I could use a real belt with them.


• Super Lightweight.
• Dries really fast.
• Claims to be UVA/UVB 50+ protection. Who really knows?
• Extremely comfortable and moves with your movement.


• The belt is useless.

Final Conclusion:

Great pair of shorts. Buy them. Especially now that they are on sale you lucky bastards. Buy them so they fit right then cut the belt off. Or just replace the belt clasp. Way to go Mountain Khakis.

You can find these shorts online at: http://www.mountainkhakis.com/

Mountain khakis belted latitude shorts