Hello 2017. How are you?

We are fine for now. Things don’t look good though do they? A tyrant soon to be in office. The environment going to hell in a handbasket. Blue vs. Red. The Cubs won the World Series. The drive-thru Sequoia fell over. And somehow most liberals are actually going  to be missing the Presidency of one George W. Bush in a few days. I’d venture a few conservatives too. The rest of you don’t count (apparently).

What does 2017 have in store for us? 

It has beer. Beer makes us happy (even when it makes us not so happy in the morning because we decided that third IPA was a good idea). It tastes good and beer people are good people to be around.

It has bikes. Bikes make us even happier. That feeling of freedom. That moment where you’re flying, the wheels are whappita-whappita-whappitapa against the grainy black-top. Nothing better.

It has beards. Beards are classic. Grow one. Make 2017 the year you truly find out how a beard can be a part of you. A part of your personality. And give you that strength when you need it to get through all that shit above.

It has badassery in the form of being outside in the world, in the form of entrepreneurs doing the damn thing, in the form of people being good to other people. It has badassery in the form of you. You, the readers of this blog. Followers of our social media. Attendees of our kickass bike rides and events. It has badassery in the form of exploration of the world and ourselves.

That’s our 2017. It’s going to be badass. Nay, Badass. With a capital “B”.

So…What does 2017 have in store for you?