We don’t know enough about sharks to know if this is Super BADASS or Not Effing Cool. Either way it’s two SoCal dudes,Courtney Hemerick and Joseph Trucksess, hanging out with a bunch of Great Whites. Apparently, these are babies so the biggest was only 7′ long. Umm, what?

The following is from a post on the LAist (that they pulled from the OCR):

“My perception of sharks has been so distorted by Jaws and other movies,” Trucksess told the Orange County Register. “It was cool to see how peaceful and non-aggressive they are.”

“It was cool to be in their territory, on their turf.”

Our question is this…if their perception of Great White’s was from Jaws or shark movies (Deep Blue Sea anyone?) then why on earth did you get on an SUP and head for the ocean?

Do you know more about sharks than the average banana? Hit us up and let us know if this was a cool nature interaction or not.

Great White Shark

All Photo/Video Still credits: CourtneyHemerick