Jake’s Beard Oil Review: Part 2 of 3

(If you haven’t seen part 1 of Jake’s Beard Oil Reviews don’t tell anyone. Just click here.)

Week 2: Week two has just been more fucking goodness from this home-brewed beard oil. My beard feels natural & clean. It feels soft without losing it’s inherent manliness. I continue to be impressed. In the morning I use one eyedropper squeeze & it’s more than enough to last all day. There is decent spreading power so you won’t need to overdo it. That said, we’ve been guilty of adding a second dollop after our afternoon ocean dives just to freshen up. 

The smell of this stuff is fantastic. Subtle yet lasting. We’ve had multiple people snuggle into this beastly beard just to take a deep whiff. To be fair, I asked them to do so, but most came back for seconds.

We interviewed Jake (pre-part 1 coming out) about his beard, his beard oil & the future of “Jake’s Beard Oil.

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

SoCal Sessions: How long have you been rocking the beard & what is your own personal style of beard?
Jake: I haven’t cleanly shaved my beard off in four years? Maybe five? I have played with it a little bit, though. Right now just a full beard that stays trimmed. Maybe an inch long at the most in some places. I like it to look semi-professional.

Jake's Beard Oils
We don’t have a photo of Jake so we stole this one from Instagram.com/alt.jake

SoCal Sessions: Why start making your own beard oil?
Jake: Well, as I got into wet shaving, I kept reading about beard oil. People raved about the various benefits and making my own seemed like it would be a fun way to occupy my time. I find that I really like making new scents and this was a great creative outlet for me.

SoCal Sessions: How did you develop your beard oil recipes?
Jake: The internet. I looked up a few recipes that people had said worked okay, then I looked into what oils did one and went from there. I didn’t really have any clue, and learned a lot in the process.

SoCal Sessions: Do you have more than one “flavor”?
Jake: Yea, I have a few. I focus on two or three at the moment, because they have received the best reception. I’m looking into expanding my scents soon so that I can try to get some real different oils, away from what I already have, at least.

SoCal Sessions: Is wearing beard oil really necessary?
Jake: Having a beard isn’t really necessary for the right person. But I have received a lot of positive feedback from using it and the stuff I make. Girlfriend loves it. I love it. Random people on the street seem to love it. So, I would definitely think a good beard oil is necessary for someone who wants to keep their beard game on point.

SoCal Sessions: We are in a golden age of Beard-love. Why is the beard so popular right now?
Jake: I think it’s because of the more casual approach people are having towards life. We aren’t so focused on the clean shaven, well-spoken mentality that our parents’ generation had. We are open to people doing what they want, shaving, not shaving, tattoos, etc. I think it’s just a byproduct of the openness people are expressing.

Jake's Beard Oils
This one we stole from facebook.

SoCal Sessions: What would you say your greatest beard-related achievement has been?
Jake: This actually just happened a few days ago after Burning Man this year. My neighbor had a friend over who was going, and I gave him one of my test scents. Then made a scent just for him to take and give to people. He came back and said that he made a few friends solely because of my oil, and that people wanted more of it. That might have been an exaggeration, but I mean that still felt really good.

SoCal Sessions: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only drink one beer that happened to be stashed there for the rest of your life…what would that beer be?
Jake: Oh man, good question. You have to think about what you like and what you could drink forever, ya know? I know it’s pretty common here in San Diego, but I still think I would either go to Ballast Point’s Sculpin, or the Stone IPA

SoCal Sessions: Any plans to sell you beard oil? How can we get our hands on another bottle?
Jake: Yes, there are plans. I want to get a few more scents to add to the variety first. A friend of mine is supposed to design the logo, and my brother is supposed to set up a website soon. In the meantime, anyone that is interested can shoot me an email or give me a call. I’m pretty friendly, so don’t be shy!

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

Part 3 of our final Beard Oil review comes next week!

Jake has a new shop at www.jakesbeardoil.com. It’s still new & they are working out the glitches. If it isn’t up & you’re interested in getting on a mailing list for Jake’s Beard Oil’s future release send an e-mail to: info@socalsessions.com