Jake’s Beard Oil Review: Part 1 of 3

Jake is a friend of a neighbor. He has a kempt beard. During the course of a BBQ he mentions he makes his own beard oil & sells them to friends. There is an offer to leave some with us for review. The offer is accepted. Anytime someone takes the time to learn a new skill & apply it we can appreciate that.

Jake’s Beard Oil is made by Jake. Makes sense. He makes his beard oil at home, by hand. You could say it was hand-crafted but that adds a pretension to this oil it doesn’t need or deserve. It gets left at my home. It is in a solid amber colored essential oils bottle with an eyedropper top & a handmade label. They are high quality. The label says, “Jake’s Beard Oil”. It is black Sharpie on white paper affixed with packing tape.

I crack the top & take a whiff. It smells like Christmas. Like warm apple pie. Like a candle we bought from Bed Bath and Beyond once, but way more complex. Cinnamon & minty essences are the first thing that come to mind, but there is a floral component too. Is that lavender? Maybe some vanilla over a base of almond & jojoba oils? (Editor’s Note: We are reviewing without the ingredients list. Exciting!) I don’t know what it is but the smell makes me feel good all over.

Jakes Beard Oil
Beard post clipper incident.

I was recently involved in a fairly serious Wahl Clippers accident in which we lost some significant growth. About four plus inches of beard are no more. While that has diminished my powers some, it also will allow me to judge this beard oil on a freshly clipped beard without significant residues from other beard oils or products I may have applied in the past. As always, for this review I have gone several days without using any beard products and regularly washing.

For the first application I take an eye-dropper’s worth into my palm & rub it around between my fingers. It feels light & lubricates our fingertips evenly. I rub it into an 8-clipper length beard. One eyedropper of Jake’s Beard Oil is more than enough to give my bristles a decent coating. It spreads well.

beard-oilAfter a few minutes I run my hand over my beard & it comes away clean. There is no oily residue. Always important in this cell phone/iPad/tablet age. My fingers stay dry & my beard feels good. For the rest of the day my nostrils are pleasantly tickled by the beard oil scent leisurely making its way North. It lasts all day & is still there just a hint as I head to bed.

It hits on all cylinders on day one. Smell, feel & coating are all top notch. It isn’t branded yet, but as long as it works who gives a shit. Even better, Jake wasn’t trying to sell me on his beard oil. He made something and was looking for some honest & constructive criticism.

Without question this is the best first impression I’ve or anyone from SoCal Sessions has ever gotten from a beard oil. Big things are in this tiny one ounce bottle. Check back next week for Part 2/3 of this intensive two week review. We’ll catch up with Jake & recap the first week letting you know if these warm tinglies we have continue.

Until then…Beard on.