Editor’s Note: Inner Dimensions Art Gallery Show goes through 4/23/2016. You should go. Details below.

I don’t know what to say about this. I didn’t know anything about this art exhibit or the artist except that I’ve recently had some interactions with the Autistic students my Wife works with. They draw photos of super heroes for me, and me for them. So when I saw posting for a gallery opening for an Autistic Artist named Jeremy Sicile-Kira I thought it would be interesting to go.

Inner Dimensions art show with artist Jeremy Sicle-Kira
Check out Jeremy’s Portfolio here.

I didn’t know that Jeremy is as accomplished as he is (google him…wow). I didn’t and still don’t know a lot about autism. But I’m learning. The art show was impressive. It is at the Space4Art in the East Village neighborhood downtown. Walking around I was enjoying the art on its own abstract merits, but the stories that go with each really set them apart. Jeremy is painting emotions as color. I can’t explain it as well as his own website.

Jeremy  has synesthesia: he sees letters, words, and people’s emotions  in color. He has been having dreams as long as he can remember; dreams that he is painting the emotions of people he has met into colorful portraits. In August 2012, he began to tell others about his dreams and his desire to paint them. Now, Jeremy meets people in person or online, ‘reads’ their colors and then paints to recreate the portrait envisioned while dreaming. He has painted commissioned portraits for many,  but also paints (for his own pleasure) portraits of  well-known personalities he has seen only on video, such as President Obama and James Van Praagh. Portraits and dreams may be viewed at Jermeysvision.com.

Jeremy’s own words below:
Inner Dimensions art show with artist Jeremy Sicle-Kira

The part that stands out for me in there is that this started in 2012. It is a reminder of how far, how fast our technological abilities have traveled. The speed with which communities with special needs or disabilities have been able to increase their levels of communication is astonishing. Apps like Facetime enable the deaf to communicate through video chat without the use of typed programs. Type to voice apps help people like Jeremy communicate when before it would have been more difficult. When taken as a whole it is overwhelming.

Inner Dimensions art show with artist Jeremy Sicle-Kira

We walked around the Space4Art discussing the artwork, reading the stories & peeking in the windows of the workspaces. We chose our favorites. Deep down this horrible, cynical part of me wondered how real it could all be. Was Jeremy doing all this work? How could he be so prolific? Who’s adding the tape? For a moment, those feelings took a little bit out of the inspiration I was feeling. They made me step out of the moment.

Inner Dimensions art show with artist Jeremy Sicle-KiraWhile I was there, out of the moment, I realized something I’m hoping to hang on too. Those cynical forms of thinking are bullshit. They don’t do anyone any good. We’re surrounded by so much negative news, internet memes, sarcastic chat emoji’s that it seeps in. Why would I doubt what was right in front of me? Inspiring art from an inspiring person. Jeremy’s paintings and words made me dig deeper into him as an artist, and also act as a positive reminder to not impose limits on others. That’s probably the most Modern Badass thing SoCal Sessions has been associated with.

Thanks to Jeremy & the people who work with him for the reminder of what SoCal Sessions is supposed to be about. “A positive impact” “Badass People who prioritize becoming better human-beings every day”. It’s right there in our Mission Statement.

Inner Dimensions Gallery Opening poster artwork from Jeremy Sicle KiraGo see the show. It goes through 4/23/2016.


325 15th Street San Diego CA
Gallery Hours: 11-4PM, Wednesday-Saturday