We were chatting with an Anchor Steam employee, and got on the subject of beer labels. He told me a fascinating story about artist Jim Stitt who has been hand drawing the Anchor Steam labels for 40 years, including the iconic Christmas Ale Tree labels. Each year Jim, who is over 80, goes out into the world to find the right tree for the label. When he finds the tree that conveys the image he’s looking for he draws it on-site. This past holiday¬†Anchor Steam put together a slideshow of all Jim’s Christmas Ale labels. This video was put out by Anchor Steam in 2012 to give people a sense of Jim’s journey for inspiration. Not nearly enough people have watched it. Our cheers to Jim for a being a badass artist who has followed his own path all this time.

Also check out the story behind the artwork for Anchor Steams newest beer release Flying Cloud San Francisco Stout. I can’t rewrite the article much better so it’s best if you just follow the link to Anchor Steam’s blog.

Anchor Steam Flying Cloud
Anchor Steam Blog