Every morning I get up turn on the gas burner under a kettle and walk the dog while it heats up. Then I pour the heated water into Sally Steel our oversized French Press with four scoops of ground coffee. Four minutes later I transfer that finished coffee either directly in to a blue or black enamel camp mug to cool and drink or into Darnell the Thermos for a trip to the beach. It is almost meditative, and it can be done while mostly asleep.

Then yesterday somebody presented me with a bottle of Jupiter Cold Brew Coffee. It’s “Ready to drink!” cold pressed coffee made with locally roasted organic coffee beans and natural spring water. I know because it says so on the very hip looking bottle. I’ve never had a cold brew coffee. That might sound crazy to you but it just never happened. Like the 40 Year Old Virgin, it was just never the right time. Today we popped that cold brew cherry.

Despite the hipness of the bottle and the infographic on the back I can’t drink coffee from a mason jar. Just seems wrong. So I pour it in the same camp mug with the chip in the bottom I use everyday. It is definitely easier than making that cup of coffee, but my hands seemed confused and I turn the burner on anyway. Force of habit.

Jupiter Cold Brew CoffeeI took it outside where the sun was already hot to do my getting “getting older-loosen up” calisthenics for the day. A neck roll, a back stretch, balance on one leg. I’m basically the Laird Hamilton of my building. Occasionally, I’ll do some curls with the dog.

The coffee looks like coffee. Dark and black like the heart of your ex. But instead of that calming, almost wistful bit of steam rising from the top the mug keeps getting colder and condensation begins forming near the bottom.

Jupiter Cold Brew CoffeeI distinctly smell notes of vanilla &/or chocolate when my nose is engulfed in the mug. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. The first taste is shocking. Bitter when it hits your lips and the sweet nose it had didn’t come through right away. It is a rough aggressive taste on the tip of my tongue. Like I’m licking the bark on a coffee bean tree after an tropical afternoon storm. The sweetness is still there but it waits till it reaches the throat hole to release. It’s almost as if it has to look over the edge of my esophagus to get amped and then jumps, opening a parachute of light, lingering sweetness to gently brush the back of my throat on the way down.

It is incredibly flavorful. Like a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious iced tea. Ice tea has that raw dirt flavor too it but is light and effervescent with a dissipating flavor as it passes through your mouth. This has that consistently but every second has a max level of flavor. And that wave of flavor only keeps growing. For the uninitiated it is somewhat overwhelming.

I was drinking it cold and black, but when I pass it along to the Lady of the house she adds hazelnut creamer and ice cubes. Immediately she notices a fruity under-taste & shouts about it at me from the other room. Coincidentally, I just logged onto the Jupiter home page to see their description of the coffee flavor:

The result A rich, bold, delicious coffee beverage with hints of dark chocolate, toasted nuts, ripe fruit, caramel and a smooth pleasant aftertaste.”

So we were both right a little bit. JCBC is an Encinitas/Leucadia based company started and run by a Father & Son team. They have by far some of the best bottles & packaging I’ve seen. I’m as excited about reusing this bottle as I am to try something new. As far as a Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness score we give it a:


Jupiter Cold Brew CoffeeAs a rule we don’t pretend to know what we are talking about, but in this case even more so. Neither one of the official tasters liked the sweetness of the aftertaste. The initial shock of drinking a cold coffee was enough to confuse all of my opinions on the coffee. The actual flavor was impressive & consistent. Without having to try and concentrate on the temperature we just don’t have enough data to give it a true score. We’re glad we went local for our first time. I wouldn’t say it was gentle but it won’t be something we regret. We’ll revisit Jupiter Cold Brew Coffee’s sometime in the future when we’re older, wiser & know what we like.