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10 months ago almost to the day we got a message from Benoit LaFond, one half of the La Brigade team.

“I am actually working with my best friend to start a big adventure with a school bus!…we want to built a bus to bring people on adventures with us, with a lot of activities. We want to do that in the center and south of America.
— Benoit Lafond, La Brigade
Benoit & Paul. ©La Brigade

Benoit and his business partner and friend, Paul Aubert were planning on traveling to San Diego, buying a school bus, renovating it and hitting the road. Then onward, traveling south and inviting other to join on their journey. A kind of mobile AirBNB/CoWorking concept. They had seen the One Wild Life Adventure Lab concept and wanted to connect with us as like-minded adventuring types with a penchant for big projects.

©La Brigade

That was 10 months ago. Three months ago the duo landed in San Diego. On January 10th they purchased a school bus. They parked it on a co-living ranch in Encinitas that happened to have a workshop and plenty of tools and got to work. Less a day off sailing and one or two need breaks, Paul and Benoit have been toiling away on their bus, building their brand and inspiring the rest of us to work a little harder.

The bus is still yellow, but the the seats inside are gone, replaced by storage space in the back, a pair of lofted beds, bathroom, shower room, kitchenette with desktop, and lounge area up front. Hoist yourself up through the hatch and there is a full length roof deck. When they needed help they asked for it. When they needed a new skill they learned. The bus has been christened “Natasha”, and features solar power courtesy of Goal Zero. A partnership with GoPro means there will be plenty of video content on the La Brigade social media feeds.

©La Brigade

Benoit and Paul are a garrulous pair. Quick to laugh, and willing to share their enthusiasm for adventure. We have no doubt their trip will be a success. If they run into trouble and struggle they will persevere, and somehow end up right where they need to be. They are true entrepreneurs for whom this is only the beginning.

Good luck friends. Be well. Bon voyage Natasha.

The Build Team. ©La Brigade

If you’d like to join La Brigade on their current adventure through 15 countries for a day or a week contact them directly through their website: labrigade-schoolbus.com/


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