The barber chairs at Lefty’s Barber Shop are lined with cracks. There are indentations in the seats, and the leather has been worn smooth from decades of use. 1339 Garnet Ave has been a barber shop in some manner since the 1950’s. Lefty’s honors their history by keeping things simple.

They offer Men’s haircuts, shaves and beard trims. They use a hot lather for the shaves. Cash only. No cell phones. There are four barbering chairs and four barbers. Each has their own cabinet with their tools of choice. Scissors, clippers, hot lather brush, combs and straight edge razors. They close Sunday and Monday. Take a look at the tools of trade, the shop and the details of Lefty’s Barber Shop.

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To set up an appointment call or stop by Lefty’s Barber Shop.

(858) 274-5913
1339 Garnet Ave
Pacific Beach, CA. 92109