Best Coast Beer Fest, Embarcadero South, San Diego

We met Matt at the Best Coast Beer Festival in downtown San Diego. He had an epic ginger beard. He’s a computer science student and cab driver. He’s also the second bearded man we’ve approached named Matt. What are the odds?


SoCal Sessions: Where are you from?
Matt: Chicago

SoCal Sessions: What’s your greatest Beard growing achievement? 
Matt: I had a guy come up to me at the supermarket & ask me to model for him. He said that he didn’t usually use someone with my physique but he wanted experience painting beards.

SoCal Sessions: What is your desert island beer?
Matt: I’m gonna go…this is really hard. I’m gonna go with Stone IPA. 

SoCal Sessions: That was the first craft IPA we had.
Matt: I think it was the first one I ever had too. It is the first one I remember anyway.

(Editor’s Note: My notes were a little blurry.
There may bit a bit of paraphrasing going on here…)


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