Balboa Park, San Diego

We met Matt at the Ninkasi Brewery Zombie Pub Crawl on Valentine’s Day. He is a San Diego based beer seller for Craft Beer Guild. He was not dressed as a zombie, but he was still pretty badass.


SoCal Sessions: Where are you from?
Matt: San Diego. East County. Represent!

SoCal Sessions: How long have you had the beard?
Matt: A little over two years. I’ve trimmed it. If I didn’t cut it [back] it would go crazy.

SoCal Sessions: What’s your greatest Beard growing achievement? 
Matt: It’s constantly being told I look like Zach Galifianakis.

SoCal Sessions: What is your desert island beer?
Brett: Ah Man, you’re going to desert island beer me? Right now I’m feeling Tony Gwyinn Pale Ale from Alesmith. (*Editor’s note: see our recent review of .394 Pale Ale here) 


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