Editor’s Note: This year we sent new contributor, Kyle Erthner-local renaissance man, to the Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival at Qualcomm stadium. MVCBF has a pretty good reputation, and we even went last year as a volunteer beer-pourer for 32 North Brewing. Kyle was still pretty skeptical. We sent him along, and only asked him for his Yelp-review style best review. It looks like he enjoyed himself. 

***We found a nice photogallery of the event on Photog-Rob’s site. Check it out here.

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

Words by Kyle Erthner

Let’s begin by stopping. Stop everything you are doing and take a step back to consider what paradise might be like if you found it. What does your day-dream look like? What does it include? When you take that time to consider what living in paradise looks like, it really is a very basic formula. Good food, good beer, nice scenery and good people.

mission valley craft beer and food festival

Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Fest (MVCBF)  has got this formula dialed in, and after five years of practice (not including a gap year) it shows. Imagine walking into a giant backyard party with hundreds of good people, the finest craft beer and all the artisan foods you could possibly ask for. The only rules were, there were no rules (other than human decency of course, and decency is one of the things that separates MVCBF from some of the other beer fests in town). Fit all of that into a craft beer & food buffet, and let your self indulge for a three-hour period, enjoying every bite & every sip, and you’ll begin to understand MVCBF. 

Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival Beer Crawler's Photo
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Upon arrival, hundreds were already lined up to get their chance to taste it all in one place. On this afternoon dozens of Southern California’s finest, best-known, and up and coming beer & food purveyors were offering up their best products. Each (relatively short and fast-moving) line gave attendees just the right amount of time to finish their last beer from the tent before, and clear room for the next sandwich or brewski that lie ahead. These companies got to strut their stuff at the picnic tables while live music and SoCal perfect weather set the tone for a hell of a pleasant afternoon.

Having been to events similar to this in the past, and not particularly enjoying them, I came to this festival skeptical. I expected grueling lines, hot sun that was sure to help you sweat off your buzz, and MAYBE the opportunity to try 5-6 different local companies newest brews. 32 vendors later I had a new appreciation for event planning, efficiency, and a new annual tradition to boot. A big thank you to everyone who helped plan this event and bring it to fruition. Cannot wait to see what’s in store for next year.

Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival from above drone photo
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