NATE, 26

It was a big beard week for us. First the Lefty’s Barber Shop photo shoot and then not one but TWO Random Bearded Men interviews! Pretty wild. Our second Random Bearded Man we met a few minutes after we interviewed Steve the last RBM. We were taken by his burgeoningly (a word we just made up) epic beard. We were at the Mission Valley Ymca in San Diego for Clash at Clairmont. Nate was cool enough to give us a few minutes of his time.

SoCal Sessions: Where are you from? 
Nate: Oceanside, CA

And what do you do? 
I’m a rigger for the Navy. I’m not in the Navy. Just a rigger. I also work at Knockout Pizza up in Carlsbad.

How long have you had a beard?
Since I was 18. So, 7-8 years.

Nice. What would you say your biggest beard growing achievement is?
Right now, Dude. I’m on month 7 (of growing). I’m starting to keep it groomed now, and going to keep it going. 

Do you drink beer? 
I do drink beer. 

What is your desert island beer? You can only have one beer the rest of your life ’cause you’re stuck on a desert island. 
Peanut Butter Porter! or Modelo Negra.

Makes sense. It’s gonna be hot on that island.
For sure.

Nate is a Random Bearded Man

(For once we were not drinking when we met this Random Bearded Man. We apologize for any paraphrasing anyways.)


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