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Night Rider FilmRyan 

Filmmaker & Editor Cool Guys Productions
Inland Empire, CA

Rides: I have this Nishiki right here. I want to say it’s from the 80’s. It’s a beast man. I love it. It’s heavy as fuck, but super reliable, and we’ve had some good times together.

Beer to drink after a long hard day of riding:
Mike Hess Habitus IPA. I like IPA’s after a good ride. Kind of a heavy beer.

Advice for a someone looking to ride more often?

Start small and work your way up from there. To make sure that you really enjoy the riding that you do. Personally, I started riding at work on my lunch breaks. There was a cool trail for cycling right behind where I worked. I would do like 10 miles at lunch. I never thought I’d get up to 100 miles in a day which I did earlier this year. My whole philosphy is to start small. Take it one step at a time and work your way up to where you want to go.

Night Rider FilmSteven “Esteban”

Filmmaker & Colorist
Cool Guys Productions
Coachella Valley, CA. 

Do you ride a bike?
I ride all the time dude. I’ve been hella busy with work so I haven’t gone on long, long rides but I ride everyday. It’s not too far to work so I just ride. Or if I have a meeting in Hillcrest or even out to PB.

Rides: 1990 Vintage Cannondale. Her name is Bathsheba. I lusted over her like David over Bathsheba. I wanted it so bad when I saw it.

Beer to drink after a long hard day of riding:
If it is like the summer, a hot day…Tecate Light. 
If I want a good beer, I’d go for a stout.

Advice for a someone looking to ride more often?

You’re going to be riding along with cars so you have to have confidence. Have confidence in yourself. Get to know your bike. Ride your bike. Know how she manuevers so when you have to move quick you can. But also get to know the rules. Learn to read other cars. Be on the defensive. You don’t want to be that douche always taking shit over. I do that sometimes, but be a defensive rider. When you come to a stop, let the car go. The car will always win. Always. As a rider you’ll lose. So be on the defensive. Don’t let your guard down…Not meaning like stressed out, but be present.

Night Rider Film
Producer & Concept  Freedom Creatives Co.
Wausau, WI

Do you ride a bike? 
I ride a 15 year old Surly Long Haul Trucker most days. It’s a tank. Her name is Denise. Then when I’m just cruising I ride a ladies vintage Schwinn named Ricki. It has a basket with a parrot horn on it. The parrot is named Bobbi.

Beer to drink after a long day riding?
I will usually go right for an IPA to carbo-load. Probably a Bell’s Two Hearted. Otherwise, lately I’ve been drinking Sudwork Dry Hopped Lager. It’s got the hop taste but is easier to drink on a hot day.

Advice for a someone looking to ride more often?
It’s a lot easier than it sounds when you start riding regularly. Anything under 5 miles is usually easier to ride than drive because you don’t deal with traffic or parking, and as a bonus you feel good when you get somewhere. Plus that isn’t far enough to really start sweating.

When you factor in all the details it takes about the same on average to bike somewhere locally as it does to drive, but when you get there you feel better. Even if you just start riding too and from the grocery store or the park it will add up quickly. Also, bike lights & helmet. If not for you then because you can’t trust drivers on the road. Not that drivers are all bad, but sometimes somebody has to send that text.

Night Rider Film

Actor & Rider
Coachella Valley, CA

Do you ride a bike?
I ride a Trek Madone Di2

How long have you been riding?
I’ve been riding since I was a kid. Since I can remember. When you’re a kid just riding bikes, your parents don’t even know, so you can go outside your boundaries, and come back.

When I was like in my teens I lost my passion for bikes till I was like 18 years old. I jumped back on a bike, and was like “I love this! I can’t believe I lost this feeling.”

What was that feeling?
Freedom, The freedom, the adventure. The feeling of once you jump on that bike you can go anywhere. No restrictions. If you want to go climb a mountain you can go climb that mountain. Or if you want to go down a road, or go ride downtown, experience the city from the road. You see things you don’t normally see when you’re driving in a car. It’s just an awesome feeling. I love it. I love the feeling of just zoning out and riding.

Is it scary riding at night?
You know, I don’t even think about it. I love it so much. That feeling of fear or that feeling of maybe being hit by a car I don’t even think about it. It just doesn’t even enter my mind. I love riding my bike. Just fear…I don’t even think about that. I’m not afraid of anything it seems like (when I’m on my bike).

What advice would you give to someone just getting started but might be afraid to get on their bike in the city, especially at night?
I’d say go live your life man. You can’t have fear hold you back from experiencing that freedom, that adventure. Even if it’s just down the street to go to the grocery store or the coffee shop, it’s that feeling of just riding. I guess the best advice I could give is…Just do it. Don’t even think about it. Go out there. You’re gonna love it… Remember that feeling the first time you rode a bike, you fell in love with that feeling and you’re going to get it again. I think when you’re a child and you get a bike that’s like the highlight of your childhood, like, “Man, I just got a bike and I’m freaking going to go ride everywhere!” And you’ll just feel…happiness.

Night Rider Film

Cameraman, All-Around Badass
Riverside, CA

Rides: Motocross & Quads, Yamaha 450

How did you get involved in Night Rider?

Cool Guys Productions hit me up and told me it was a good opportunity to shoot downtown. I’ve always liked anything with bikes, bicycles, dirt bikes. It was an adventure & exciting film I can be a part of. It’s an exciting opportunity for me.

Why should people ride their bike?

Honestly, because I feel like i’m flying most of the time.