Some people celebrate Valentine’s Day with presents, chocolate & that effing 50 Shades movie. Others celebrate by dressing up as Zombies and joining Ninkasi Brewing Co.’s Dawn of the Red pub crawl at 11am in North Park, San Diego. Dawn of the Red is a new India Red Ale from the Eugene, OR based brewery.


Zombie DinnerThe pub crawl kicked off with a zombie walk from Balboa park to Underbelly. Then moved up 30th to True North where they not only have beer but tater tots. TATER TOTS! Lastly, the Undead and the regular humans that tagged along rolled into Coin-Op for Ms. Pac-man and some ill-advised shots.

We don’t really know shit about zombies, but what we realized early on is that they are just like us. They drink coffee in the morning, like good beer and spending time with good friends or making new ones. They don’t care if you’re undead or not. If you like beer and aren’t an asshole…you’ll be cool. Just watch your appendages. Click on the slideshow to┬álearn more about how Zombies are just like us.

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