If you walk around North Park in San Diego long enough you’ll start to notice some art that borders on quirky painted on the electrical boxes & trash cans. Plenty of neighborhoods have painted boxes but they are usually community based. Sunsets and beach scenes in the beach communities, silhouettes of soccer players or bicyclists everywhere else. The boxes in North Park are different. Abstract color bombs, cartoonish, emo and boxes that tell stories. Each one has a unique personality.

The boxes exist because of a phone call between Jason Gould the proprietor of Vis•u•al and the North Park Main St Association. When he opened his shop he asked the NPMSA what he could paint. They offered up the boxes. He organized the artists, got them painted, and it has been a hit. Many of boxes have the artist’s social media handles on them so you can learn more about who painted the one you like. So far more than 40 boxes in North Park have been painted, and the program is expanding to City Heights. These talented artists are getting a local showcase at the upcoming North Park Festival Arts Live Art Expo Saturday May 16th. They will be shutting down Herman St between University & North Park Way. You’ll be able to see them at work painting dumpsters, refrigerators and anything else they can get there hands on.

Check out the slideshow & as many links to artists as we could find below!

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