Making a crowdfunding video is hard. I mean not hard, but not easy either. Have you ever sat in front of a camera and talked about yourself for 3 minutes? I hadn’t. You can watch our campaign video here.

Below are the outtakes. There were lots of them, and these are just the ones that don’t involve cursing (sorry Mom).

OWL Adventure Lab Crowdfunding Video Outtakes

Tim and I met at a nearby tavern beforehand to go over the script, and have a whiskey. I think we were both a little nervous about how the video would turn out. Mostly, that somehow we’d screw it up. Would our passion for OWL come across? Was our script too difficult to memorize or hokey? Were we wearing the right clothes? Should I leave the stocking cap on? I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being worried about looking chubby on camera.

Luckily, the team from Cool Guys Productions, Ryan, Steven and Austin, kept things LOOSE. They were set-up and ready to go as soon as we got there. Some checking of the light and focus points, and off we went without much time to overthink anything.

OWL Adventure Lab Outtakes Video

We filmed a chunk at a time. We’d reread that part of script (no memorizing). They’d say “Rec’ing”, and off we’d go. Sometimes just one of us would speak. Other times the other of us would jump in and we’d keep going. Sometimes we needed to check the script again (lots of times), but the script was more of a loose guideline than a hard & fast rule. If something felt good we went with it. We rarely got it right the first time, but almost never more than three.

The first few takes were tough just getting used to paying attention when not talking or even harder smiling. Why is it so hard to smile sincerely when someone says, “Smile”…for two hours.

That’s how long it took. Two hours with a little break for dinner. Thai food. It was delicious. Two hours cut down to 2 minutes 59 seconds. Of which we’re only on camera for about 60% of that.

The next day Cool Guys Productions left town for anther job, and we went back to work prepping for the campaign. They wouldn’t upload & edit the footage for another two weeks. Normally, having to wait for something like that would be agonizing but we were so busy setting our social media accounts, planning the launch part, working out our perks options & corporate structures I barely noticed.

We got the first draft.

SUCCESS! The Cool Guys made us look good! We were presentable, and it was already almost exactly what you see in the video on our campaign page. A minor tweak here. Upgraded resolution on a photo there, and it was all done. Re-watching it I can see where I missed a line or where I think I’m smiling but you can’t see it through the beard. I remember the jokes, the laughing & the excitement of knowing this was the beginning of truly setting our crowdfunding campaign, and ultimately, our company in motion.

Being on camera is definitely going on my resume, and if someone like Scorsese or Spielberg comes calling I’m ready.

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

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