Image from PB Locals Art Show.

There is this pervasive (and perverse) idea that if you’re an artist or musician or athlete you’ll make it big when you get “discovered.” I grew up thinking that some scout for the NBA was going to drive past my driveway and say, “I think that kid shooting buckets over there is gonna make. I should stop before some other scout drives down this same road!”

That never happened. It was an unexpected lesson in going after the things you want to do, working to facilitate my own success. That’s been a lesson I’ve had to relearn over an over as I’ve grown into adulthood. So when I got the invite to the PB Locals Art Show I didn’t dismiss it for being late on a Friday when I am usually watching 30Rock reruns with the Wife and Dog.

PB Locals Art Show

Local photographer Adam Cole Barber had gathered a trio of local artisans to display their work on the walls of a cleared out apartment in Pacific Beach near the ocean. There was no waiting for an art gallery to discover them individually or a mysterious yet wealthy benefactor to enable them to present their art works. Adam had a space, some white walls and friends he found talented enough to want to celebrate. 

The invite said to dress classy and bring wine. So we did. I even through on a button down and tie to go with my jeans and flip-flops. We walked over about 7:30 and a crowd was already building. Several bottles of wine were already open & the acoustical duet of Juliet Hawkins and Jesse Orlando were prepping a guitar. The walls were covered in the art of three female artists. 

PB Locals Art Show

The artists included Teresa Tymon’s arresting canvases created by blowing air across a canvas with a straw. MC Fitzgerald’s collection of collage work and Megg White’s paintings and glass work. We worked our way around the main room and through the kitchen into an open area in the back. A bar with homemade jams made by Miss Tymon, were available to sample and paired with goat cheese. If you get a chance, the Blackberry Lavender jam was mouth-watering. Then the music started.

PB Locals Art ShowThe only difference between this art show and shows we’ve seen elsewhere is a notable lack of pretension and the food was better. More and more guests were arriving and meeting new friends was easy. I think we were all looking for something to talk about besides the recent election. The music started and we looked at the art again, then more new friends and more laughter and in the end a piece of art that used to be on the wall in the show is now on mine. 

Kudos to Adam Cole Barber for organizing the event and supporting local art. And cheers to you artists for going out and refusing to wait to be discovered. Get out an support local artists and don’t be afraid to step outside the box of tradition.