If you live in San Diego you interact with homelessness daily. There are a lot of programs to help and lot of people working on the “problem” of homelessness.

Recently, we met Caryn Blanton in Pacific Beach. Instead of talking she is doing something in her community. She started Pacific Beach Street Guardians (Like them on Facebook!). Her organization hires local homeless citizens to clean up the streets in PB.

homelessness in pacific beach san diego
Photo courtesy of Pacific Beach Street Guardians (Facebook)

It sounds simple because it is. She saw a need and is working to fill it. The employment is transitional, and the goal is to create an opportunity for unhoused members of our community to become housed. There is a host of complex issues at play but Caryn’s organization is beautifying our streets, creating opportunity for her employees to gain important skills, work referrals, pride of place and self-worth just for a start.

This holiday consider donating to PB Street Guardians if you find some extra dollars in your pockets or want to do something good that will have a direct and immediate impact on San Diego. A longer post on SoCal Sessions soon.

Donate Here.

Pacific Beach Street Guardians cleaning the streets with homeless employees
Photo courtesy of Pacific Beach Street Guardians (Facebook).